Noucome Review – Absolute Choices


English: My Mental Choices Are Completely Interfering With My School Romantic Comedy

Synonyms: My Mental Multiple-Choice Power Is Completely Ruining My School Romantic Comedy, NouCome, NouKome

You can watch this series here:

Noucome is a series that I was certain that I would have dropped it just shy of halfway. I meant it too, because the series follows the tried and true outline to make a marginally successful romantic-comedy-harem anime. I could go on and on about all the parts of the series that I flat out hated, but that would comprise of writing several pages of hate-filled rhetoric directed at a show that in all honesty the parts I hated were not crucial to the experience. Those parts I did hate were mostly cliches of plot and of characters. Although my biggest problem with the show was without a doubt the main heroine, Chocolate, she had a body that was very pleasing to the eyes, making her personality tolerable.

Noucome caps in at just 10 episodes, which is shorter in length than the average seasonal series which is either 12 or 13 episodes. I found the length of this series to be just perfect. It had enough time to tell one major plot device or many smaller, less important plot devices. They chose to go with one major and a few lesser devices to introduce the cast of beautiful girls. Isn’t that what it’s about anyways (beautiful girls)? This is a romantic-comedy-harem anime; a compelling plot in this genre is extremely rare. In fact I don’t recall there ever being one. This has no Serial Experiments Lain plot; it is here to showcase very attractive girls in exciting ways. The show is eye candy and my sweet tooth was satisfied every week.

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While on the subject of the girls, there were none that stood out from the genre. They were all in perfect form, cookie-cutter variations of popular character archetypes of the genre. Chocolate was annoying, the ditz, the innocent dog that was in some ways the best eye candy in the show. Oddly enough, it was Yukihira that took me by storm. I say oddly enough because of all of them, she is the least attractive one in physical respects. I’m cheering for her. Also in the harem is the ever loving younger sister type. I’m worried for this one because she will go up to anyone, any guy namely, and call them her onii-chan (older brother). There are perverts out there. The other girls were present in more scenes than yukihira, but that’s the extent of their presence. They are background designs with voices.

I will admit the plot was unique. The MC is struck by virus that causes him extreme pain if he refuses to make a decision. This being an anime, things aren’t always that cut and dry. His choices are bad to ‘I quit, kill me now’ in terms of quality. And if he refuses to make a decision his brain is jolted with extreme pain and if he still refuses to make a decision, the virus kills him and an unpleasant newspaper article is released about it being a suicide. I’d say 90% of the time the virus is just messing with the MC because at one point he got on top of his loli teacher’s desk and started squealing like a pig that is being gutted and killed for eating. The virus is also a not so subtle metaphor in that every decision we make affects our lives and proves this by trying to get the MC to confess his love for one of the girls, but his uncommon moral pride refuses to make one of the girls fall for him.

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Plot – 4/10

Music – 4/10

Storytelling – 7/10

Character Designs – 6/10

Animation – 8/10

Dialogue – 5/10

Overall – 56% F

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