Non Non Biyori Review – In The Country


Japanese: のんのんびより

You can watch this series here:

Non Non Biyori excels in being that kind of anime that you can watch at any time of the year and it is enjoyable. Since it is also a slice-of-life anime with literally girls that do nothing except have fun all day, it is easy for anyone to pick up. I challenge someone that hasn’t seen the series yet to pick up a random episode; if you do, I’m betting that you will not be lost. That is the kind of show this is. It is very relaxing, almost too relaxing and bordering on dull and boring. I personally loved this show. It is not a show for everyone except those tested otaku that suffered the likes of K-On, Hidamari Sketch, Yuru Yuri, Minami-ke. Non Non Biyori runs along the same vein as those shows, but with far less emphasis on comedy a little less on character design, but it makes up for what it lacks with a certain kind of parental warmth. I just found myself watching this show and smiling stupidly like a dad watching his daughter walk for the first time.

Non Non Biyori follows the lives of four girls from elementary school to middle school that reside in the country. The main character is an elementary school girl named Hotaru that moved to the country from Tokyo in spring, at the start of a new school year. There are the sisters Natsumi and Komari in middle school. They have an older brother in high school and he doesn’t say a single word. I don’t know if he is a mute or just shy, but he doesn’t talk. There is also Renge, the youngest member of the class and younger sister of the teacher. The class gathers in a single room in a run-down school building that is slowly being destroyed by the effects of rain. Nobody seems to care enough to repair the school building, not even when one student falls through the floor in the first episode. The teacher merely nailed two boards together to cover the hole and roped that section off.

001 002 004 005 008 009

I’m guessing that you already have a shrewd idea of what this show is about. it is very episodic in nature; by that I mean this show tells a central plot in every episode and each episode does not continue into the next or have any bearing on the others. The longest running theme among the episodes is Hotaru’s crush on Komari. I don’t want to say that Hotaru is in love with Komari, because I doubt she honestly is. Hotaru makes a point that she finds Komari to be very cute, like a doll. Maybe that’s why she makes hundreds of Komai dolls over the course of the year the show takes place in.


Plot 5/10



Character Designs5/10



Overall58% F

006 007 010 011 012 013 014 015 016 017 018 019


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