KILL la KILL (First Half) Review – Anime’s Godsend?


English: KILL la KILL
Synonyms: KLK
Japanese: キルラキル

You can watch this series here:

This show is without a doubt one of the better shows of the year, ranking up there with Attack on Titan, Silver Spoon, and Love Live!. But what makes this show so good in the first place? There is the obvious fanservice present and focused upon in every episode. I love how the fanservice is displayed in this show because they (the creators) don’t show bare skin or underwear in most cases or an offscreen nipple for the guys inside the show (curse the camera angles); there is a purpose with the fanservice. Satsuki, the supposed main villain, said it perfectly. She is not scared or ashamed to be naked, she doesn’t mind that her Kamui leaves her skin almost completely exposed, because the alternative is that she cannot fight to her full potential worrying about nakedness.

The plot follows the revenge route. The MC happens upon her dying father, murdered by a mysterious woman wielding one half of a giant scissor blade. The MC vows revenge after her father dies and her trail led her to Honnouji Academy where the school is one crazy encounter after another. The plot is definitely not the show’s strong point. The first five or six episodes were ridiculous. It isn’t until the guy with the needle gun shows up that the series takes a sudden turn away from comedy – though the comedy is still present – and nosedives right into a lush, mature story.

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Better than the plot and the comedy and the fanservice, the storytelling of this show stands higher than the other devices because there is power, a certain magic you can’t turn away from. At least I couldn’t turn away from it. This is one very enjoyable ride made perfect in the most unexpected way. Mako is the MC’s best friend and she is mostly there for comedic relief. She is alone is able to take the volume of story in all of its seriousness and adds just the right amount of comedy to keep the serious from becoming too much. It also helps that the soundtrack is the best of the season by far because it uses classical music to make a dramatic scene even more out of this world. Overall, it might be too much crazy for some people to take, but if you are able to swallow it the first five or six episodes, there is no way you can’t enjoy this show.

Goku Uniforms are uniforms that drink a person’s blood and in exchange gives that person unheard of powers. Kamui are special uniforms with a personality of their own and they give a far greater output of power than a Goku Uniform. There are only two known Kamui, one belonging to Ryuuko (the MC) and the other belongs to Satsuki. The introduction of these uniforms provides another layer of fun to the show because you never know what to expect next when two people start fighting. The Goku Uniforms provide power and skills pertaining to a person’s natural skill. This means that a masochist gains attack power through damage and a music girl is flying around with a portable symphony shooting missiles that look like violin bow.

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If there was but one thing that I don’t like about KILL la KILL, it is that there is a short break until the next episode.


Plot – 8/10
Music – 9/10
Storytelling – 10/10
Character Designs – 10/10
Animation – 10/10
Dialogue – 8/10
Overall – 91% A

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One thought on “KILL la KILL (First Half) Review – Anime’s Godsend?

  1. I admit, this is the most epic anime series I watched. I thought Attack on Titan will be my most epic anime series, but Kill la Kill just became Epic la Epic in a very surprising way with their own unique style of animation and battle scene.

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