Log Horizon (First Half) Review – Getting Stuck In Another MMORPG


Japanese: ログ・ホライズン

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/log-horizon

I was surprised by how good Log Horizon honestly is. It’s hard to actually name the qualities that raise the level of this show, but I’ll try. It isn’t like the show has a long list of fast-paced action or fanservice, but somehow those qualities would seriously dilute the purity of the characters and the plot. While the show doesn’t have much in the way of fanservice, the female cast is strong (personality-wise) and cute to not need it. And while this isn’t for me, I’m sure the females find the guys just fine the way they are. Throughout the first half Akatsuki was the unchallenged winner of my heart, but the princess in episode 13 is a strong contender. It is amazing how – so far – a one episode appearance can have such a strong impact on the viewer.

A strong reason why I love this show so much is the quality of the dialogue in dialogue heavy scenes, namely when the Round Table was established. It isn’t so much the dialogue that I love watching – though that is certainly high up on my list – it’s watching a really intelligent character maneuver through a conversation like a masterful swordsman. Maybe that’s why I love shows like Death Note and Code Geass so much. Shiroe (the MC) reminds me a lot of both of those characters; he even has a very sadistic side to him that has earned him the name less flattering nicknames.

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I already hinted that the action in this show isn’t astounding. You won’t find fight scene of the year anywhere near Log Horizon unlike in Sword Art Online. Shiroe and his friends in the Log Horizon guild fight in a different manner. They use superior strategy to overcome vastly stronger opponents, making it look effortless. Of course, Nyanta makes everything look effortless. The action scenes have seamless animation. It isn’t on KyoAni’s level of animation, but while that is true I find myself more inclined to watch Log Horizon’s battle scenes than any from KyoAni’s shows. I’m saying this because I believe there is a quality involved in making action scenes that doesn’t rely on how beautiful the fight looks; it matters how well the fight flows.

Log Horizon follows the same vein in a rising popular genre of stuck-in-an-MMORPG anime and it doesn’t falter when it stands beside the likes of SAO or Dot Hack. In my humble opinion, Log Horizon is second only to .hack//Sign!

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Grading Scale

A – Must-See!

B – Highly Recommended

C – Recommended To Those That Like Similar Shows

D – Watch If Bored With Caution

F – Do Not Recommend At All


Plot – 8/10

Music – 7/10

Storytelling – 9/10

Character Designs – 7/10

Animation – 8/10

Dialogue – 9/10

Overall –  80% B

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