Zetsumetsu Kigu Shoujo: Amazing Twins Episode 01 – Magical Girls Are Entertaining


Japanese: 絶滅危愚少女 Amazing Twins


ZKSAT follows the life of one magical girl named Amane Todoroki and her dead twin sister Lilian, who lives on in a spiritual form and routinely possesses a teddy bear that Amane carries. While Amane has magical power, she relies on Lilian to supply her with power to perform outstanding acts of magic like teleportation and superhuman strength. Amane’s worst fear happens when people find out that she can do real magic and she scares them because of her powers, because of this she joined a family-friendly magic show.

The family-friendly magic show is a lot of fun for the kids, but the audience is dwindling. The magic show doesn’t captivate the way magic looks on TV. Amane is mediocre at best concerning magic; her best moves she pulls off in times of great dures. The audience doesn’t come to watch the show, they don’t come because they like watching Amane and her co-actors up on stage performing corny jokes. They came to watch her teleportation magic which Amane can only use subconsciously when her life is in danger.

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The magic in this world is called ISH and it is virtually extinct among humans. Coming across another ISH user is like finding a good joke about when three guys go into a bar. Nevertheless, Amane works for an ISH user and everyone in the magic show are ISH users. The boss saved Amane when she was young and accidentally used her ISH powers in front of her elementary school friends. That was Amane’s first encounter with normal human and ISH human interactions and it left a very profound effect on her life.

I.A.M. is an ISH company that specializes in putting on horror shows for people to watch. The regular people don’t know that the shows contain real magic. They also have a sinister side after it came to light that they dabble in human testing to force a regular human to find their ISH powers. The covergirl of the I.A.M. company is a very sadistic and lonely girl named Aya. Aya’s magic is all about illusions. She is the driving force behind the horror shows put on for the general public. She revealed her cold personality after making Amane belief that she just her teddy bear (which is really Lilian) with a scythe. She also took a kid from Amane’s magic show and killed her, but both were illusions.

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Aya is acting on the orders of her boss and it is he that is interested in Amane because Amane has vast amounts of untapped magical power and she can use multiple skills. The thing that intrigues Aya’s boss the most is Lilian (other people don’t know that the teddy bear is more than a simple teddy bear).  Using a human test subject that awakened ISH powers forcibly, Amane was suddenly thrust in a fight to the death to protect her best friend. Aya kidnapped Amane’s best friend and tied her to a chair and told the guy that had his powers awakened recently to have his way with her. All of this was done to test Amane’s powers, but if she failed to save her friend, then that is that. Aya said that the laws don’t affect people with ISH powers.

The teleporting chase scene and the fight after were both really entertaining to watch. I loved how Aya videotaped the whole thing on the sidelines as if she wasn’t involved. Amane eventually won and saved her best friend. She used too much magical power and fell unconscious. Lilian exposed herself to Amane’s friend and told her a brief history about Amane’s trauma and asking her friend not to be scared of her now. But instead of being scared, Amane’s friend is actually looking forward to watching her stupid magic show even more now that she knows the magic is real.

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I picked this show up because it is two episodes long and the creators have worked on some things in the past that I really enjoyed, so I thought what the heck and went for it. I’m not sorry about watching this because I rather enjoyed it. I wasn’t expecting it to be as dark as it was; I was expecting a silly show all the way through after the silly magic show in the beginning. The dark came as a pleasant surprise. It has a shocking factor that made me just want to see Aya get her face punched in. That kind of emotional attachment to the show is a good thing.

Amane kind of ruined the serious parts in my opinion with her idiotic and honest personality. I can’t fault her for having that personality. I want to see her grow as a magical girl now and learn more about who Lilian really is. I’m not buying the charade that she is Amane’s twin sister who died in the womb. She might be, but I’ve never heard or a ghost aging. This is an anime and also the people behind AnoHana, and that had a ghost that aged.

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