Coppelion Review – Angels


Japanese: コッペリオン

Coppelion is one of those shows that might take you by surprise because it doesn’t follow a set rule of good versus evil. Coppelion are genetically altered humans that can allow them to survive in radiation. Their primary objective is to save survivors from a radiation outburst. There are some very depressing backstories for the secondary characters; even the main characters are created in a laboratory with a specific goal in mind to venture into a radiation-filled city and save people that have been stuck there for nearly two decades. As you can probably tell already, the show is quite heavy on the sci-fi and it gets down right weird later into the series – I’m looking at Little Miss Electricity.

I was really taken back by the unique animation style. The characters are outlined with a bold line which helps to contrast with the vivid background. The background doesn’t look like normal animation either and it only serves to compliment the bold outline. After a few episode of watching this combination I started wondering why this style isn’t more popular among studios because I love it. The animation gets really horrible though when a lot of fast paced action takes place. The background is blurred to new levels and the foreground becomes really grainy as characters and objects, namely a massive mechanical spider, moves around during a fast scene.

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The characters really save this show. Every one of them has something to bring to the story, even useless Aoi has a strong personality. They were able to make me feel an emotional attachment to a robot; that takes some real effort. The people that are living in the radiation zones act like people who have given up on the world, but not all of them. They reflect the mindset of a person living in a trauma situation and trying to make the best of it. Even the bad guys of the show  have their reasons. Ibara is the MC and she underwent so many changes that ultimately made her a much stronger person. I loved her romance with Haruto, another Coppelion. I would go so far to say that Ibara is my favorite heroine of this season by far.

Coppelion is a very good show if you can tolerate the style of animation. It is slow in the beginning and takes a good while for it to pick up, about halfway through. That is the most damning aspect of the show because we live in a world that a good majority of people want things instantly. I’m all for instant gratification when it comes to certain things (not anime), but I hope that you will give this one a chance. It might not blow your mind, but it is good. The ending is very gripping; it had me on the edge of my seat with the action and I was impressed with the level of character growth from beginning to end.

008 009 010

Grading Scale

A – Must-See!

B – Highly Recommended

C – Recommended To Those That Like Similar Shows

D – Watch If Bored With Caution

F – Do Not Recommend At All


Plot – 8/10

Music – 7/10

Storytelling – 8/10

Character Designs – 8/10

Animation – 6/10

Dialogue – 8/10

Overall –  75% C

012 014 015 017 018 024 025 028 029 004


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