Nagi no Asukara (First Half) Review – Little Mermaid


English: Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

Synonyms: Nagi no Asu Kara

Japanese: 凪のあすから

You can watch this series here:

NnA is a love story, don’t allow the racial prejudice fool you. Whether the love is marriage, between classmates, between friends, parental love, even between little kids and middle school students, love is the at the heart of this story. The love of this show is pure like fresh snow on the peak of a mountain. For many characters, they are in the midst of their first love and all the awkwardness that comes with being in love for the first time. They are unsure even of their feelings which adds to the confusion and sometimes this puts too much strain on the core friends’ friendship.

The city of Shioshishio lies under water just offshore from the mainland. The city is not growing as it used to, because their children looked upon the land dwellers and most of them got married. Ena is a special substance in the skin of all the sea dwellers that enables them to breath under water and another added bonus is that the Ena quickly dries their clothes after coming out of the water. Children born of the land and sea people don’t have Ena, but they do have the sparkling light blue hue in their eyes like sea dwellers have.

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The problem facing Shioshishio is a major crisis. Every year there are less people interested in performing a ritual to appease the Sea God, the creator of both land and sea dwellers. The land dwellers are the ancestors of sea dwellers that came to land after the first Ojoshi ritual took place, when the Sea God took himself a wife from among the people. Both sea and land dwellers work together to put on the Ojoshi every year to remember the girl that died. We learn over the course of the show that the ritual is more than just to remember an event, it is done to appease the Sea God as his anger grows due to the dwindling population in Shioshishio.

As you can imagine, there is a lot of bitterness between the two people because of the population issue, the ritual issue, and the fact that they’re just two different kind of people. Children are amazing. The adults are set in their ways and their hatred for one another runs deep, but their children can easily look pass their differences and become friends, close friends and even love interests. The power of two children who are childhood friends set the whole story into motion.

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Grading Scale

A – Must-See!

B – Highly Recommended

C – Recommended To Those That Like Similar Shows

D – Watch If Bored With Caution

F – Do Not Recommend At All


Plot – 8/10

Music – 6/10

Storytelling – 9/10

Character Designs – 9/10

Animation – 8/10

Dialogue – 8/10

Overall –  80% B

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