White Album 2 Review – Love Triangle’s Best Example


Synonyms: WHITE ALBUM2, WA2

Japanese: ホワイトアルバム2

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/white-album-2

WA2 is the best adaptation of a visual novel in this season. This show has just so much going on in the background with characters and what they’re going through to give a rich, healthy plot for our enjoyment. Of course the real meat of the show is the main romance plot between the three main characters Haruki, Touma, and Setsuna. Each of these three also have multiple facets to their personality and that is only a good thing. For a game that relies only on character development to tell a story, WA2 pulled off a superb story that I will enjoy time and time again.

My one complaint with the show is Setsuna and being a MC, this is a huge problem. She is annoying, bubbly, always doing something, and is devious. I hate her character types. Is it a bad thing or a good thing that I hate her character so much? On one hand I want nothing to do with her, but she adds so much to the story and my hatred for her is an emotional attachment so strong that I can’t deny her a place in the show. She is the catalyst that started the show’s main plot for if it weren’t for her, Haruki and Touma would not have started a band together or sang on stage. Setsuna is the glue that kept the story together, and yet I hate her.

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Being a WA series, WA2 is very strong in the musical department. I have a problem that the shows two main songs are rehashed versions from the first series, but with Setsuna singing. The one song exclusive to this show is very good. Even the bgm is not that bad and helps create a dark, a forbidden romantic mood when Haruki starts double-timing the girls. This in addition to the crisp and very good animation already made it one of my favorite VN adaptations.

The shows strongest point is in the characters and its second strongest point is in the flow of information, the storytelling in other words. The flow of information from the plot to the viewer is very clear. I wasn’t left wondering about a scene because it made no sense; the animations did a good job highlighting the things that needed to be known. The dialogue also was on point and didn’t follow a string of slice-of-life tendencies to go down paths of nothings. The greatest example of the storytelling capabilities of WA2 was toward the ending when there was a sudden flashback that spanned two episodes. Those two episodes were the best episodes of the season of any show, I thought.

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Grading Scale

A – Must-See!

B – Highly Recommended

C – Recommended To Those That Like Similar Shows

D – Watch If Bored With Caution

F – Do Not Recommend At All


Plot – 9/10

Music – 10/10

Storytelling – 10/10

Character Designs – 10/10

Animation – 8/10

Dialogue – 9/10

Overall –  93% A

013 014 017 024 026 030 031 033 035


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