Log Horizon Episode 01 – Magical Scientist of Miral Lake Regan


Japanese: ログ・ホライズン

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/log-horizon


A lot was said in this episode, so I hope I can summarize it in an understandable way. Shiroe and Akatsuki were led into a great library owned by a man who calls himself Regan, a Magical Scientist of Miral Lake. Regan is also known by other titles, the most famous being the Sage of Miral Lake. The Sage of Miral Lake is mentioned many times throughout the game, mostly as being the creator of some of the most valued items in the game. Regan inherited the title of Sage of Miral Lake and his purpose for revealing himself to Shiroe has to do with his research.

Regan is looking into World-Class Magic, magic so powerful it is given the name World Fraction. He explains there are different classes of magic in the game from Combat-Class Magic to National-Class to World-Class with a few classes tossed around in the mix. The different classes in magic tell a person how powerful a spell can be; for instance Combat-Class Magic can decide the fate of a single battle while a National-Class spell can decide an entire war. World-Class Magic is the strongest and changes everything. Regan said that he knows of three instances that the spell World Fraction was used and I’ll very briefly summarize his summary of the first two times. The most recent activation of the spell was during the Apocalypse that trapped everyone inside of the game, Elder Tales.

The first age was like the Golden Age of the world. It was the closest to the perfect heaven that the gods reside in. There were airplanes and ruches were in abundance. There were four main races, but only the Alves matter. The Alves were magical inventors and incredibly smart, but their race was the weakest and smallest in population. I’d assume this is because they spent all their time researching to have kids. The other three races were scared of the alves and joined forces to wage war against the Alves. They overcame the Alves and took the entire race as slaves. The current race Half-Alv are direct descendants of the slaves and Shiroe is one.

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There are six princesses of the Alves that each decided it was time for revenge. Without communicating at all with one another, they staged their own little rebellion in different ways. One seduced high ranking officials, others led armies. The six princesses were ultimately killed, but their revenge was perfect. They used Alv technology and used the first World Fraction spell. The first result of the spell was a major decrease in the abundance of the world. Two new beings were born also. The first were the demi-humans, the monsters of the world. The second are the Precursors, People of the Land almost as strong as any Adventurer. The third was the appearance of cat people, fox people, and others of this sort.

The People of the Land waged war with the demi-humans now in the second age. The demi-humans is like an army of zombies. You can’t kill them indefinitely. They keep respawning. Shiroe knows this effect as part of the part so that an area isn’t cleared out of monsters forever for adventurers. The People of the Land were being driven back; they can die but the demi-humans cannot. The Precursors are very strong and were the first heroes in Elder Tales, but Regan doesn’t go into too much detail about them. Apparently that is a story for another episode.

And then when it seemed all hope is lost, the second time the World Fraction spell was used and then came the Adventurers. With power nobody ever had and the ability to respawn like the demi-humans, the Adventurers effectively took control of the world. Regan then started talking about a Spirit Theory. Spirit Theory involves a theory way demi-humans and Adventurers respawn. There is the Psyche, the mind, and MP on one side and on the other is the Anima, the physical body, HP. If the Anima dies his body becomes light and that light disperses. The Psyche is the mind and for Adventurers that mind is the player in the real human world.

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When the Anima is revived they lose something, in this case that is experience points. With the Psyche in the real world, they retain their memories. But Regan argues that now that the human Psyche and the Anima are merged as it is now in Elder Tales, Adventurers will lose their memories when they’re revived in addition to their experience. He argues that demi-humans lose their memories when they respawn and if they do remember their past they remember it like a story, or a myth if you will. Regan also mentioned that People of the Land were able to revive in the past.

Shiroe was stunned from the revelation of what Regan was telling him. Akatsuki couldn’t understand the conversation at all. Shiroe provided for her a simpler version later. He was even more stunned when Regan announced that the reason why he confronted Shiroe now. He called Shiroe an Archmage and his name started popping up in the history of this world 98 years ago. I loved how Akatsuki gave Shiroe a dark look, assuming that he’s really that old.

Shiroe remembered that two hours in the real world is one day in this world. He did some quick calculations and realized that his name appeared in their history books at the same time he started playing Elder Tales. He did some more calculations according to the time of these ages that Regan told him and realized the Adventurers first appeared in Elder Tales at the time of the Beta in the real world, which was at the same time Regan said the second World Fraction spell was used.

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Shiroe told Akatsuki the simpler version of the conversation the next day. He decided that it is best if they don’t tell anyone what they learned last night. He doesn’t want to cause a massive panic that people might be forgetting the real world every time they die. But then a lot of people died already since the expansion pack came out and nobody caused a massive panic. He’s assuming that if they are forgetting the real world and other things when they die that it isn’t a lot they forget. It is so small that they won’t realize they’ve forgotten it until they forget. Meanwhile Minori finally decided to speak up and use the instructions she got from Shiroe to help with their Summer Training.


This was a heavy episode to take in all that was said. I was shocked by what they were talking about. I had theories about the world and why they’re stuck, but nothing like this ever crossed my mind. But if you look back over previous episodes, there are signs that everything was leading down this path. I find myself respecting the creative mind behind Log Horizon even more now. If enough time pass and the Adventurers continue to die, who can say that they were once real humans playing a video game? It will be real to them at that point.

The thing I’m most curious about are the People of the Land. When the game was still a game to everyone, the People of the Land said the same lines of code no matter how many times you talked with them. They don’t mention quests anymore or give out items like they used to. They only Person of the Land to mention items is Regan, the Sage of Miral Lake. It makes me wonder if perhaps the NPCs from before the People of the Land now are actually different entities.

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