Magi Kingdom of Magic Episode 13 – Titus Versus Aladdin


English: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Synonyms: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 2

Japanese: マギ The kingdom of magic

You can watch this series here:


Less than a year has passed since we return to Aladdin. Sphintus and he were the only ones that passed and became second year students. The good friends that Aladdin made along the way are forced to repeat a year, but they promised to catch up and pass next year. Aladdin looks promising to be this year’s top student, everyone says so, but when the teachers announce the top student of the year, it is a surprise that Aladdin was not chosen. Yes he has magical talent like the great Yamraiha, the teacher said, but someone passed him this year and his name is Titus Alexius. When Titus was walking by Aladdin to receive his award, Aladdin noticed that the Rukh were flying all around Titus in a curious way.

Titus is the top student of the magic academy and he is also the son of someone that has incredible influence. Even Sphintus who is normally so rowdy and explosive becomes quieter when he is faced with Titus. Titus has two goons that act more like bullies. Titus is very powerful and his father is influential; the other students live in terror of crossing his path. But in true Aladdin fashion, he doesn’t care one ounce about a person’s background and tried groping for Titus’ breasts, thinking he was a she when they first met. He apologized because Titus is a guy, saying that his voice is high-pitched and he has a big butt.

Titus was going to kill Aladdin for that remark as the audience (other students) dissolved into giggles and some flatout roaring with laughter. Matal is the chairman of the magic academy and he and two other teachers witnessed what took place. He came down the stairs and every student fell to their knee except for Aladdin. He remained standing wondering why everyone is taking a knee and who this old man is. Sphintus told him who Matal was and Aladdin suddenly remembered that this is the man behind the heinous acts around the world. After almost a year of searching and training his body, Aladdin has found his first clue since coming to Magnostadt.

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It was decided that Aladdin and Titus would have to fight in the arena to the death or until one gave up or until the teachers said to stop. The fight took place the following day and what a fight it was. Aladdin was curious about the Rukh surrounding Titus, but he had more pressing matters to deal with first. Titus taking the top student award was not a mistake, his command over magic spells is phenomenal for someone his age. Matal said after the fight that it is like he has several hundred years of experience under his belt.

Aladdin is no slacker when it came to the fight. He surprised everyone with a giant recreation of Ugo that was on a rampage, but was ultimately destroyed by Titus’ wand. Titus’ wand is a shiny stick that he waves around like a conductor’s stick or a fencer’s sword. Aladdin is doing worse than Titus, but not by much and he adapts quickly and effectively to every new spell that Titus throws at him, sometimes literally. Aladdin is quite good at combining spell commands like Titus, but his Magoi is running out fast. He pulled out his secret weapon in the end. His secret weapon is controlling the sound waves immediately around his staff at such a degree that it instantly turned hard stone into dust.

Aladdin broke the shield Titus had up the entire fight after using his sound wave staff. Titus takes too long to cast a new spell that Aladdin already run close with the martial arts that his previous teacher, Myers, taught him. It happened then; Aladdin has a red crystal embedded ito his forearm. Yamraiha warned Aladdin to keep this crystal a secret from everyone and most of all don’t allow anyone to take it from him. Among several reasons, the main reason to keep it a secret is because it announces to the world that he is a Magi. Titus has a crystal of his own embedded in his forearm.

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The fight ended a few seconds later as Matal said he would give both students recommendations to a few seminars. Titus also tried to kill Aladdin when nobody was looking, but he was stopped by Matal and placed in solitary confinement. Personal attacks against other students is the worst crime in the school. Aladdin was out until the night. While he was out he had a dream about Solomon and the end of the world. Meanwhile Titus was talking through the crystal to Scheherazade, the Magi of the Leam Empire. Titus is not a Magi; he is a Magi subordinate and Scheherazade told him to continue his mission for the sake of Leam. He attacked Aladdin in panic after his identity was revealed.


There was a time skip, but not as long as I was expecting, for Aladdin in this episode advanced to his second year in the magic academy. Earlier when we left off with him, he has been there for a short time already, but less than a full year has passed since the break. Titus also takes girlish boys to a whole new level. When he first appeared, I was convinced as was Aladdin that he was a she. I can’t be the only one that was taken back by this!

This was an amazing fight scene in my opinion. Watching two magicians go all out is always entertaining to watch and I love how Magi’s magician fights always explode. I don’t know about Aladdin being schooled in magic by a Magi subordinate, but at least that is one of the few people I’d expect him to lose to or tie with, and he tied in this episode. It shows two really important things. The first is how strong Scheherazade really is, being the oldest Magi in the world. And it shows the full potential Aladdin could reach if he continues to train his magic for hundreds of years.

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