Saki: The Nationals Episode 01 – Reunions


Synonyms: Saki: Nationals

Japanese: 咲-Saki-全国編

You can watch this series here:


I’m combining the summary and thoughts sections into one in this episode because this is going to be a small post. Almost everything in the episode I already summarized in by Achiga summaries back on blogspot before it was killed and I’m sure some of my readers remember that. We are reintroduced to a few fan favorite characters like Teru, Awai, the rest of the Shiratodai member, Senryuu and Toki specifically, and the Achiga girls. Also throughout the episode we saw glimpses of Kiyosumi’s future opponent namely the teams Eisui Girls’ High and Himematsu. I won’t go into their members in this post since it might be too confusing with all of those names to remember.

One of the scenes I hated was the one where Saki walked by the Achiga girls and the Achiga girls looked like monsters ready to kill when in fact we know that everyone on that team, even the pro coach was shaking and peeing themselves just by walking beside Saki. Achiga is a sore subject for me anyways and Ritz ruined Shiraitodai completely after that series finished. But I digress. We also ran into all of the old friends from the first season; there are the girls from Tsuruga Academy, Ryuumonbuchi, and Kazekoshi. It was funny how they were reunited in the baths.And then Takei went to get their placings for the Nationals which takes place in Tokyo. And that pretty sums of the episode and my feelings on it.

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