Witch Craft Works Episode 01 – Catgirl Controls Bunnies of Doom


Synonyms: Witchcraft Works

Japanese: ウィッチクラフトワークス


Takamiya is a guy that lives an unfair life. The morning commute to school has him pressed tightly up against the window of a bus as twenty or more girls fawn over another girl whom they affectionately call Princess. All the girls in this show appear to be eternally in heat when the Princess, Ayaka Kagari, appears on screen; before then they are normal high school girls, and that the drop of a hat they change into these carnal girls weepy with love. Takamiya sits in class directly next to Kagari and must suffer a long swirling line of girls around the classroom and practically pushing him from his desk to get a word in with Kagari. And if he so much as looks in Kagari’s direction or is helped by her in any way or interacts with her anywhere, he will get beat up by her fanatical fanbase of both guys and girls. Takamiya truly lives a pitiful life.

One day when Takamiya was cleaning up the classroom because he is on duty with a few other classmates, he was told to take out the garbage when his life abruptly changed for the worst. Unbeknownst to him, he is being followed a girl with cat ears. The girl with cat ears has an army of robotic bunnies of all sizes wielding weapons from swords to arrows with explosives. Before he is first attacked by the bunny army of doom, the school clock tower broke and fell on his head. He was saved by Kagari who is really a witch known as the Fire Witch. She is very powerful and the only difference from her witch uniform and her school uniform is her pointy hat and a white robe.

After saving him from the school clock tower, Kagari fought off the army of bunnies, telling him to stay by her side for protection. He didn’t listen to her; he saw another girl beckoning him to come and he thought she was Kagari’s friend. He was wrong, that was the enemy and she lured him to bunnies that was going to chop his head off. Kagari saved him again and killed the bunnies with an explosive fire attack. The two spoke briefly. Kagari’s hair was singed and Takamiya blamed himself for damaging her hair. It is revealed that he has a hair fetish. He saw a bunny coming up from behind Kagari and went to save her, but he failed utterly and slammed into the wall. Kagari saved him for a third time as he blacked out.

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He woke up in Kagari’s secret room on the school campus. She briefly explained the situation. Earlier she told him that she is always by his side because it is her duty to protect him. Now he understands why she always appears beside him for no reason. Being a guy, he hates that she calls him her Princess. They walk home together at the same time that Kagari says that she doesn’t need to hide the fact she is here to protect him anymore and announced she will always be beside him now in the open. This makes life much worse for Takamiya at school. Everyone hates his guts now and if looks could kill, he would be dead a hundred times by now. He hates this and during lunch removes himself from Kagari’s protection.

He passed by the courtyard where the school clock tower broke and nearly fell on him and was stunned to see that the clock tower was still in one piece and nothing was broken and no crater in the ground. That was an illusion spell, the cat-eared girl suddenly announced. She came up to Takamiya and said she didn’t know what to expect yesterday so she tested him and the Fire Witch. She is almost disappointed to find out that Takamiya is completely useless. Her name is Tanpopo Kuraishi and she is another Witch. Her mission is to kill Takamiya and she makes a good attempt of it while Kagari is not around, but in the twinkling of an eye she appeared at his side to protect him from Tanpopo.

Tanpopo is going to go all out today and summoned all of her bunnies great and small to kill Takamiya. She summoned upwards to a hundred different bunnies and they converged on Kagari and Takamiya without giving them a chance to defend themselves. Kagari protected Takamiya, but in return she took substantial damage. She was pierced by many blades. Takamiya was on the ground and she was above him shielding his body from weapons. It was then Takamiya understood the situation completely and knew that she was damaged thus badly because he didn’t want to be protected by her and left her side.

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Kagari is A-Okay despite the damage she took, saying that she is a Fire Witch and she is okay. She proves this by unleashing a deadly fire so powerful that she told Takamiya to cover his eyes while she counterattacked. The bunnies were defeated and Tanpopo resorted to Plan B, which was to run away. The next day Tanpopo and four other animal-like human transferred into their class. Of course all five of them are Witches and presumedly they’re going after Takamiya to kill him.


This was a thrilling first episode to what I hope is going to be a good anime. I already hate Takamiya for being so useless. I can tell that he is in the ‘Princess’ position and Kagari in the ‘Hero’ position if this were a fairy tale. He doesn’t exactly ooze confidence or reliability. He has masculine issues; he feels and is right for feeling inferior to Kagari. She is more powerful than he is, but Touma is also weaker than Misaka Mikoto and he doesn’t become a wuss when a fight breaks out. He is a man and Takamiya is no man.

I like the artstyle of the show. It blends traditional drawing and CGi quite nicely. One problem I do have is Kagari’s overly big chest being emphasized in all the wrong angles. It looks out of place and frankly terrible. I can live with breasts her size in anime, but preferably well drawn and not so awkward-looking. The catgirl, Tanpopo, is cute. I wonder why she wants to kill Takamiya and how long it will take for her to become part of his harem.

070 077 099 110 124 131 134 147 158


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