Buddy Complex Episode 01 – The Girl That Died In Time


Japanese: バディ・コンプレックス

Aoba Watase is the main character of this mobile suit show. He is a new high school student when the story begins. He lives with his mom (a widow) and his younger sister who is a middle school student. His dad was a fireman; a picture of him was framed in the family shrine. Aoba has two friends that he goes to school with. One friend was in the basketball club with Aoba in middle school, but he got injured and came to this school because it was close to the hospital. Aoba decided to join his friend in this school.

Hina Yumihara is a beautiful girl from the future. It appears that she came back in time to watch over Aoba and protect him, but the way she constantly looks over at him from over her books in class or when she cast a sideways glance over in his direction and then blushes gives everyone in the universe the impression that she has romantic feelings for him. I believe that she does. Aoba’s friend in the basketball club approached Hina to talk about Aoba to help get these two to become the best couple in the school. Hina played innocent.

Suddenly during while Aoba was playing basketball with his friend a blue robot slipped through time. The blue robot is huge, at least three stories high. There is a boy-man in the blue robot and he came from the same future that Hina came from. After getting his bearings through his machine’s scanner, he realized that he is in the past with someone that he really wants to kill. That person is Aoba.

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Hina’s cell phone went off in alarm and she went up to Aoba to warn him to hide, but it was too late. The guy in the blue robot came to their school and he wasted no time to attempt to kill Aoba. But let me say this, this guy has no skill with his robot because he missed all of his shots when using the robot’s automatic targeting system and he missed every shot when he switched over to manual targeting. He grabbed a sword and was still missing Aoba with everything he had.

It didn’t take long for Aoba to realize the robot was targeting him specifically. He took his friend’s bike and rode away to keep them safe. Not very smartly, but he rode through the city with the robot attacking wildly behind. Hina meanwhile had a motorcycle that she takes to and from school and she got on that and quickly found Aoba in the city. She told him to follow her. Confused, but trusting, he followed her. Hina led him to a warehouse where she had her own pink robot hidden away. A moment later Aoba joined her in the cockpit.

Hina is more skilled as a pilot against the guy in the blue robot because she defeated him in battle like it was as easy as breathing. Sure, he managed to slice off her robot’s left arm, but in exchange she pummeled his face with bullets from her massive gun. After the battle I loved how normal citizens took out their cell phones and started taking pictures of the giant pink robot. The military was flying helicopters in their direction at the same time that the blue robot blinked to life.

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He knew that he can’t win with no more ammunition. He had one attack left and he pressed the button to self-destruct his robot. He then grabbed hold on the pink robot and would not let go for anything. Hina took to the skies to get away from the city. The situation was dire until she saw a time portal appearing in the sky. She flew forward for it. The blue robot guy couldn’t stop her, it was all he could do to hold on. They went through the portal and the blue robot disintegrated.

Hina told Aoba how she came here to protect him and that he sent her. Aoba was confused by this statement, but there was no time for clarification. Hina for one reason or another couldn’t go back to her own time and told Aoba to look for a guy named Dio. Aoba woke up in the future in the middle of a losing war.

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