Noragami Episode 01 – The Poor God


Japanese: ノラガミ

You can watch this series here:

This is a story about a god named Yato who answers prayers for the huge, huge price of five total yen and about a girl that was nearly killed in a traffic accident that somehow gained a mysterious purple tail. It started with one of these prayers being answered. A girl was hovering somewhere between living and dying and she could see monsters roaming around, the girl prayed a prayer to Yato. The monsters  are horrible human emotions that lingered and took on monster forms and are known as Ayakashi. The Ayakashi in the beginning was incredibly huge, but it was killed effortlessly by Yato and his assistant who could transform herself into a deadly weapon. After killing the Ayakashi, she quit. That was a very entertaining way to start the episode I thought.

After the thrilling intro, Yato is out of a job and needs a new assistant. His assistants are special; their weapons forms are called Divine Instruments. Yato has a dream one day to become the biggest, most well known god ever. It is truly a very prideful dream and he is no closer to achieving it than he is to have spaghetti for hair. He receives anower prayer by a little boy asking Yato to find his pet cat named Milord and bring him back home. That is how Yato, a god, began his journey to find a kitty-cat.

Hiyori Iki is a high school girl with two friends and her god is a man named Tono who is also an MMA fighter. She just loves watching him throw roundhouse kicks landing on the opponents heads, knocking them all out. She is positively glowing as she watches him. She and her two friends happened to see the poster of the lost cat, Milord. At around that time Hiyori looked over and saw Yato chasing Milord across a busy street without heeding the traffic. She panicked and pushed Yato out of the way of an oncoming bus. While she was scolding him for being so irresponsible, Yato pointed back to the street where Hiyori’s body was motionless and crumpled. There are suddenly two Hiyori.

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Hiyori woke up in her family’s hospital with her dad, a doctor, checking her body. He declared her lucky to be alive and yet she doesn’t look too banged up after being hit by a bus. She doesn’t have any broken bones or internal damages; she has maybe one or two scratch marks, but overall I’d say that she is the luckiest person ever to get hit by a bus. I doubt there is any psychological damage from all of this. The only concerning problem happened when she asked about the guy she saved and nobody knew what she was talking about. Nobody apart from Hiyori saw Yato.

That night Yato visited Hiyori in the hospital. I say he visited her, but he gave her the shock of a lifetime by suddenly appearing beneath her bed covers with her, on top of her in a split second. She scurried away and hissed like a cat. She asked who he was and he told her his name and that he is a god. She didn’t believe because she never heard of the yato god before. She accuses him of being a pervert and called the police, or would have if he didn’t put a stop to that.

Hiyori can hear screaming and Yato said that she can probably hear the voices of the Far Shore. There are two shores one near and one far. The Near Shore is the land of the living and the Far Shore is the afterlife. Hiyori is stuck somewhere in the middle after her accident. Sometimes her soul may pop out of her body. Her body falls asleep in some crazy ways, like in this episode where her body was seen folded in half on top of a metal fence sleeping. Another aspect of being stuck like is is that Hiyori now has a purple tail. She was initially terrified about her current predicament because Yato said later in the episode that she is like them, the Ayakashi monsters.

046 051 052

I’m getting a little ahead of myself. First Hiyori was released from the hospital a few days after Yato’s visit. Hiyori is perfectly fine except at times she has this wispy look on her face and she loses the strength in her legs to walk. She wants to meet Yato again to learn more about everything and found the poster of Milord again. Yato went back to looking for the cat and Hiyori felt that if she went looking for the cat as well, she would bump into him sooner or later and she was right.

Yato found the cat absolutely scared out of its mind. Normally when it saw Yato it would playfully run away, but this time when Milord saw Yato it ran right for him and jumped into his chest. Apparently Milord can see the Ayakashi and Milord was teasing a lot of the weaker ones all day. The Ayakashi had it surrounded and were determined to eat him when Yato appeared. Because there were too many and Yato had no weapon anymore since his assistant quit, he ran away with Milord. He came to an open field where a giant toad Ayakashi was lurking. A one-sided fight started with Yato dodges various attacks. Hiyori appeared and kicked the toad in the same way that her god Tono kicks his opponents in the head. The toad wasn’t completely defeated, but they ran away.

That is when Hiyori learned that her soul can periodically slip out and she can reunite with her body and soul. Milord was reunited with its young owner, a boy in tears with grief over his lost pet. He praised Yato, but couldn’t see him. Hiyori was told that she is similar to the Ayakashi and it was then that she made a prayer to Yato to help her return her way of life back to the way it was before all of this started. He wasn’t going to help, but with five yen she heard her prayer and promised to do all that he can for her in this trying time.

067 070 090 104 122 126 142 158 161


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