The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 01 – Guy and Girl Meet


Synonyms: Love Song of a Certain Pilot

Japanese: とある飛空士への恋歌

You can watch this series here:

It was love at first sight for Carl la Hire and Claire Cruz and it happened as the evening glow was turning the whole earth amber. The first episode took place over the course of two days that I know of. Carl and his older step-sister by one day Ariel formally took to the skies to start on the long road to become a real pilot. Right now they are pilots in training and must head to school to learn to become a real pilot.

There is an interesting creation story about how a massive slab of rock appeared in the sky and started floating. It started with rain that gushed upward like a geyser. Somehow this and that happened and the rock appeared. This rock is huge and easily mountain size with a lush forest and a waterfall and everything you would expect from a living, breathing ecosystem. The rock is at the center of the End of the Sky belief. It is Ariel’s and Carl’s mission one day to fly to the End of the Sky.

Ariel is tomboyish and very cute when she shows her girly side. She acts strong, but will break down in tears without shame when the need arises. She is truly very cute and pure; by pure I mean that she doesn’t hide her feelings and when around Carl is like an open book. I can’t tell if she has feelings for Carl in a romantic way — I’m sure it’s very possible — but it seems so far that her feelings for him are entirely brotherly-sisterly.

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Carl is a man on a mission to exact revenge. It isn’t stated what he is exacting revenge for, but upon seeing the princess or queen of the small town he becomes instantly enraged. He is an orphan and was Crown Prince of the Ballesteros Empire, but his family was removed from power when he was 9 years old and ever since then he’s lived with Ariel and her family ever since. Carl made a promise with his mom, but the contents of the promise are still unknown as of right now.

So Ariel and Carl took to the skies in the early morning with the other pilots and pilots-in-training. They made one pass over the town they left and threw white confetti from their planes — I would HATE to be the guy that cleans that mess. After a long journey they finally land in a new land. Carl embarrasses Ariel after a botched landing when a sudden upkick in wind forced their plane to fly out of control.

They were forced to walk to the dormitories along with the other students who are also not nobles. The nobles took a bus to a richer and better dorms that are guarded by men with rifles to keep anyone out that doesn’t have permission to enter. Carl went to his room and made friends with his neighbors. The head of these dorms is a nice lady. Ariel’s and Carl’s are on opposite sides of a courtyard that separate the boys from the girls. By yelling they can communicate with one another, but this method of communication annoys the hell out of everyone else, though some honestly find their relationship amusing as they try to figure out who is the younger sister or younger brother.

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Ignacio Axis is a pilot trainee that botched his landing when they arrived. He has the worst attitude among the students shown so far. Carl has a personal grudge against him because he was embarrassed by Axis after trying to talk with him earlier in the episode and Axis walked right by Carl without listening to him. Carl ran to find Axis to give him a piece of his mind and that was when he met Claire Cruz trying to fix her bike.

He helped her by fixing her bike and she scurried behind a tree to wait. She is so adorable, so cute, so innocent, so modest. She is the perfect image in my mind of how a woman is supposed to act and look. I have more respect for her already than the girls that are extremely loud and annoying and must state their opinion about everything and it’s like their purpose in life is to cause contention. Claire Cruz is no such lady.

Claire Cruz lives in the rich dorms and they have a curfew. Carl escorted her home and the two of them rode the bike; Carl was peddling. Claire stood up on the bike and allowed the wind to brush against her body and face with the grace of an eagle flying. Since the flying rock is technically in the sky, they are hit by some clouds that run across the ground. Not unlike fog, these are real clouds and for a moment it’s like Carl and Claire are the only two people alive in the vast world.

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The moment ends when they fall into the lake because Carl couldn’t see because of the clouds. That moment ended and a new one began. The two played in the water like children five years old. Claire tripped and at once Carl saved her from falling completely into the water. They stared into each others’ eyes for a moment and then Carl hugged her without warning and she didn’t protest. Later she would sincerely thank Carl hugging her after he dropped her off at the rich dorms. Axis saw the whole thing. The episode came to a close with Carl narrating a foreboding warning.

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