Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 01 – They Shacked Up!


Synonyms: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 2, Chu-2 Byo demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Japanese: 中二病でも恋がしたい!戀

You can watch this series here:

There are so many differences from the first season to the second that I felt like this was a new dimension created by Rikka for our amusement and I was waiting until the end for her illusion to end. It didn’t end and I love that it didn’t. Get this, Rikka and Yuuta have been living together alone for a week before the start of the season. There are no adults. Rikka is living with Yuuta; her mom left for some reason and Yuuta’s mom and sister went overseas because of his dad’s work. Rikka was alone in her apartment until her grandpa accidentally canceled the lease on the apartment, leaving her without a place to stay.

It is a good thing that Rikka is the way she is and that Yuuta cares more for Rikka than she her body because I swear Touka would kill him if he had done anything to her little sister. Their interactions are always hilarious; in the early morning on the day they go back to school for the first day of their second year in high school, Rikka had a permanent marker in her hand and was drawing on her arm a silly rune. Yuuta’s new method to punish her is to grab her antenna hair and give it a good pull.

Rikka is still scared/grossed by tomatoes; there was a huge scene when she got some tomato juice on her skirt and Yuuta had to dab at it a little. Their blushing faces is simply too adorable! Nibutani scares me now. She was a beauty in the first season and she might be an even prettier beauty now, except that she dyed her hair black and she wears a long skirt. She’s acting very high and mighty and using the most polite speech known to mankind. She is determined to separate herself from Rikka and her club and her memories of Chuunibyou.

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Kumin is the same as she was, if maybe a little more airheaded. Sanae is also the same, though she is more willing to show off her rich and beautiful and regal side. Makoto had the second biggest change. He’s back in the Light Music Club and since his hair grew back he decided to change his hairstyle. He chose to dye it blonde and stick his hair up on ends like a porcupine. He was hauled away by a teacher and told to shave by tomorrow.

Sanae is the freshmen representative and it is rumored that her grades are higher than Nibutani’s were last year. Sanae’s number one enemy is still milk and milk products; we’re reminded of her hatred for dairy after Nibutani threw some cheese in her mouth as cool as can be. Nibutani, Rikka, and Yuuta are back in the same class. Makoto is in another class and Kumin is disappointed from the sheer lack of awesomeness being a third year student is supposed to bring.

The story of episode one is the fact that Rikka is supposed to be looking for a new place to stay. The school found out that she doesn’t live in her old apartment anymore when three letters were sent back and they can’t reach Rikka when they call. Nana comes back as their homeroom teacher this year also and Yuuta and Rikka tell her some story for now. It isn’t long before Nibutani and Kumin find out about Rikka’s situation and Sanae minutes later also figures it out.

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Touka came back from Italy and she confronted Rikka and Yuuta about where Rikka is living at. Right now the secret is still a secret even from Sanae, Rikka’s closest friend. Touka is in the mood to hurt them if they don’t tell her the truth. One thing leads to another and one of Nibutani’s pranks on Sane comes back to haunt her. She wrote “Idiot” on Sanae’s palm and Sanae held her palm out to Touka and that got her mad. There was a fight between all five of them against Touka. The power balance was way one-sided and Touka won the fight easily.

In Yuuta’s room, Rikka and he were sitting on the floor while their friends sat on Yuuta’s bed and Touka sat in a chair. They were being severely scolded for hiding the fact that they shacked up together, but Yuuta wants so desperately to say that they’re not shacking up. He said that they are simple roommates. Of course this doesn’t convince Touka as she casually pulled out one adult magazine from Yuuta’s room after another.

For a moment they thought Rikka and Yuuta broke up. And Touka said she can’t allow this illicit relationship from continuing so she is going to take Rikka to Italy with her unless Rkka finds a new place to stay. Rikka didn’t want to go at first until Sanae spoke loudly how amazing Italy is and how it is the home of the occult. Yuuta’s sister came back home for middle school. The mom was supposed to tell Yuuta about this, but never did.

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Touka is willing to allow Rikka to continue staying at Yuuta’s place as long as his younger sister, Kuzuha, acts as supervisor. The episode came to an end after Rikka found an old picture in Yuuta’s notebook; she went outside and sadly sighed. And then she sneezed. It is foreshadowed that the person that just moved into Rikka’s old apartment at the end of the episode is somehow related to the picture Rikka found.

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