Engaged to the Unidentified Episode 01 – The Perfect Wife


English: Engaged to the Unidentified

Japanese: 未確認で進行形

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/engaged-to-the-unidentified

I think I just found the best girl of the season; I.E. my waifu of the season and maybe forever! Kobeni Yonomori has a perfect body in the center of my strike zone and the personality I would search for in real life. This is a story about how she was stolen from me before I had a chance by a guy who claims to be her childhood friend and how he suddenly became her fiance! I say he claims to be her childhood friend because she doesn’t remember playing with him and the reason for this is because she got into an accident and doesn’t remember anything before then.

The legal age that a person can get married in Japan is 16 and Kobeni just turned 16 today. Her scary, but very beautiful and sometimes refines older sister fawns over Kobeni like there’s no tomorrow. Benio has a few screws loose up top when she’s home, but when she is out in public her personality changes completely and she turns into this refined beauty that everyone wants to talk to and date. She is perfect outside in the world; she gets perfect scores on exams, she is very athletic, and she is the student council president. Kobeni is used to people comparing the sisters and she is proud of having someone so wonderful as her older sister.

When the day began Kobeni was informed that she now has a fiance. It was her grandpa’s idea and her fiance is the grandson of a friend. Grandpa’s word in this family is final and they would eat eggs however they wanted until after he passed away. Modern teenagers would find this a major annoyance, but I love how this family respects their elders. Kobeni’s fiance is a quiet, honest guy named Hakuya Mitsumine. Because he is normally so quiet and speaks his mind openly, he finds himself often leading people into misunderstandings.

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Hakuya has a little sister named Mashiro and she loves playing the role of mother-in-law. One of the first things she did was stroke her index finger on the window sill for to check for dust, but it was already sparkling clean. Benio loves little sisters if it wasn’t evident already and her favorite is her own little sister Kobeni. But she has a new fascination and a threat for Mashiro if she doesn’t stop trying to bully Kobeni. Benio loves lolis and especially proud lolis that pretend to be a mother-in-law. It really doesn’t take much to get Mashiro to back off because Benio’s whole attitude says that she will rape and other do other things to Mashiro if she doesn’t stop. Kobeni was Benio’s first victim and like Mashiro, she fought back until a few years ago she gave up resisting.

Kobeni is a capable woman. She is naturally overwhelmed by her day, but the thing on her mind that concerns her the most is that she doesn’t have enough groceries to feed everyone now so she went out to buy more. Hakuya went with her and saved her when she fell down. Hakuya is rather happy to be engaged to Kobeni because she is someone very important to him and has been for years. Because she was embarrassed though, she gave him a smack on the cheek. Mashiro saw the redness on his cheek and shouted that the domestic violence has already begun. I love this little girl for she overreacts to everything.

Mashiro can’t handle spicy food at all and Hakuya says he is fine with anything Kobeni cooks. She tries hard not to take it personally, knowing that he is only stating the truth and he is a modest and quiet person. Kobeni wants to hide the fact she is now engaged from everyone at school, but her best friend Mayura found out from Hakuya. He was told by Mashiro that red means stop and green means go. Kobeni had to ask the obvious question if he knows what traffic lights are and Mashiro said there was one in a neighboring town.

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Hakuya and for some reason Mashiro also transferred into Kobeni’s classroom. She expected Hakuya, but Mashiro is clearly in grade school. Benio stopped by during break to see the two girls and to put further fear into Mashiro. It worked and Mashiro was psychologically impaired after seeing the drastic change take place from at-home Benio to at-school Benio. She ran away and got lost in school.

Kobeni went to look for her without being asked and Hakuya thought that was a great aspect to her personality. He went after her to how her that Mashiro jumped on his back after running away from Benio. The sibling are sure strange, Kobeni thought to end the episode. Let it be known that I love the ending credits for the animation and not so much for the song itself.

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