KILL la KILL Episode 13 – Matoi Then and Now


English: KILL la KILL

Synonyms: KLK

Japanese: キルラキル

You can watch this series here:

Satsuki is beginning her tri-riad attack on the last remaining three high schools in the Kanto region. Her eyes are set on Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto. She is gathered together with her four friends (for lack of a better term) discussing strategy. They have athletic platoons going after one school, non-athletic platoons going after another, and these four going after the final school alone. It is sure to be a crazy time for everyone involved. Satsuki doesn’t blame them for losing to Matoi or Nui since it was on some level expected. She plans on giving them each a new and better Goku Uniform after taking into account their battles against Matoi and Nui.

Mako is playing in the dirt with a stick while mopping that she doesn’t want to go on the school raid trip, but at the same time she wants to go. A girl’s heart is very fickle indeed. She has no love for violence and it is very obvious that this raid is just oozing with violent intentions, but still she laments the fact that she wants to go to Kyoto for free. She is met by Aikuro and he tells her how stupid she is for believing the three cities mentioned above are located all over Japan and not, as they are, in one region.

Shinjiro Nagita is a character we meet for the first time and he came up to Mako and Aikuro during their conversation to ask about Matoi. He said that he belongs to the Newspaper Club and he was banished from the school grounds forever. He really wants to see Maoti and without warning three goons from the Disciplinary Committee saw Shinjiro and chased him. He took hold of Mako and ran away. Aikuro was curious about him and went to investigate. As far as he knows, the only person banished from the school forever is the scary and awfully cute girl Nui.

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Matoi is allergic to Senketsu now, according to Mako. Ever since that incident where she lost control over her emotions and destroyed almost everything in a rage to kill Nui, Matoi has stuck to her bed and refused to come out. This is okay in my opinion because I love her pajamas. Sometimes Mako and her family would catch Matoi and Senketsu staring at each other — though we know that they don’t know that Senketsu is alive.

Matoi meeting Shinjiro could have gone better. He forced his way into Mako’s house and came right up to Matoi and demanded that she put Senketsu on and renew her battle for Honnouji’s revolution. He spouted a lot of nonsense that Matoi was never really interested in. He claims that she gave hope to those that wish for a better high school life and so on. She gave him hope personally to stand up and act like a human instead of trash. Matoi threw him out of the house and yelled at him that she doesn’t care about these things and she never fought Satsuki for a revolution.

Satsuki went to see her mom, owner of the world-wide clothing company called Revocs, which she also calls Covers for some reason. This family has a skewed vision of what clothes are and calls them man’s first sin. This irks me on a personal level because man’s first sin was not eating the fruit of knowledge of good and evil nor was it sewing fig leaves and putting them on like this family believe; the first sin was disobedience. Let me clarify, eating the fruit is and was not ever a sin because in Revelation all the saints eat of it, but it act of going against God was and is the first sin. In fact all sin is disobedience of Him.

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Satsuki asked her mom why the High Order Tailor Nui came to Honnouji and her mom answered her, saying that not even she can control Nui. It is about the creative skill of an artist that Satsuki’s mom doesn’t want to put a leash on. Satsuki is fine with this answer, but said that if she finds Nui on her school grounds again then she will deal with her as she sees fit. Her mom loved this reply and consented. Nui heard the conversation, but she doesn’t appear worried at all.

Shinjiro found Mako in the girl’s bathroom and recruited her to help him distribute newspapers. The reason he was banished from the school is because he found out about Satsuki’s war plans and wrote an article about it in the school paper, but the club’s censorship stopped the issue from printing. He was silenced and banished, but wait a minute — I thought everyone in the school already knew about her plans to take down other schools.

They made a huge ruckus in front of the school with a megaphone and several copies of newspapers. Ira captured Mako and forced her to help out with the preparations for the war as punishment for this. Shinjiro was chased by three members of the Disciplinary Committee and he ran all the way back to Mako’s house to ask for help from Matoi. She wasn’t really interested helping him, but the one member of the committee punched Mako’s dad in the face and that set off her heroic personality, which was already kindling because of the abuse she saw.

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Matoi put on Senketsu and stepped outside. She is worried that she will lose control again and the pain she put Senketsu threw is still vivid in her mind. Senketsu has faith in her that she will stop rampaging like she stopped before. Matoi defeated the three goons, but found out that they are actually puppets controlled by Shinjiro. Shinjiro threw off his disguise and revealed that it was Nui all along. Matoi’s blood boiled over and she attacked Nui with less ferocity than before when they met.

Nui was disappointed and won decidedly. She cut Senketsu into small, tiny fragments on the ground. Matoi was naked with only her underwear covering her on the ground; she was passed out. Nui was going to kill her, but then Satsuki appeared and she was going to kill Nui, but Nui said she is now bored with MAtoi and left. Satsuki is ashamed with herself that she thought so highly of Matoi. She took the fragments of Senketsu and gave them over to her head scientist and told him to insert those pieces into Goku Uniforms and find suitable people to wear them. Mako was caught up with everything going on and somehow she ended up marching her way onto one of the trucks heading for war.

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