Nagi no Asukara Episode 14 – Lost in Time


English: Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

Synonyms: Nagi no Asu Kara

Japanese: 凪のあすから

You can watch this series here:

Five years have passed since the first half and the second. We know they’re 20 years old now because a few friends are returning to their village for the Coming of Age ceremony, which takes place three times, two early in life and the final time when a person reaches 20 years. The first episode back into the wonderful world of NnA is more of the characters still around telling us what transpired between then and now so please forgive me for choosing to summarize this episode by taking each character in turn and telling what happened in their memories.

Chisaki is first and she is the last member of the original four friends still around. After the incident when Akari was married, when Manaka jumped into the ocean to save Akari and offered herself in akari’s place to be the Sea God’s bride and Hikari helped save his sister, after Chisaki jumped into the ocean to save Tsumugu who fell in, and after Kaname was thrown from the boat back into the water, she was alone. Chisaki was the only person from Shioshishio that was planning to go into hibernation (official story at least), but the ocean froze over after the incident and she couldn’t return home.

Chisaki moved in with Tsumugu and his grandpa. Originally she was going to live with Akari, but Tsumugu’s grandpa revealed he is from Shioshishio and took her in, saying that Akari’s household has too much going on already without another mouth to feed. Chisaki cried the first night alone; Tsumugu stood outside her door and listened. After five years these two become like real siblings, but I have a sneaky suspicion that both of them fell for the other hard and the only reason Tsumugu doesn’t act on his feelings is because he knows Chisaki still has lingering feelings for Hikaru.

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Chisaki enrolled in Nursing School after graduating. The main reason is because her new step-grandpa collapsed. There was blood and he was rushed to the hospital. She takes care of him everyday after school to wipe him down and talk to him. Tsumugu isn’t around much anymore because he returned to the city and enrolled in a university there to learn more about the current situation with the sea villages and try to find a solution or a reason why it is happening.

Akari and Itaru had their first son together. He is a shy boy named Akira and his newest fascination is poking people in the butt and Chisaki was the victim once when she left her guard down. Sadly she found out she was pregnant soon after the incident and she might have done something extremely stupid had it not been for Miuna being so happy that she might be getting a younger brother. Miuna was Akari’s support in those days and not Itaru strangely. Maybe it is because of the mother-daughter bond between them is so strong and maybe it’s because they both lost someone they loved.

The last person with flashbacks is Miuna and I saved her for last because in these five years she went from a kid in love with her new mom’s younger brother to a pretty girl still in love with her new mom’s younger brother. She remains faithful to him even now and her love for him burns yet stronger. She found out from Akari that Hikari was in love with Manaka and that took the wind from Miuna. Miuna changed her hairstyle to match Manaka’s hairstyle perfectly; she is the spitting image of Manaka, or would be if Miuna looked dumber and have a more innocent face and different hair color.

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Sayu changed; she loved studying now because she is determined to move to the city to become an independant woman. They are still best friends. Sayu got wind that a boy in their class is going to confess to Miuna during the Tomoebi. The Tomoebi is an event if you remember that only the sea village can experience. The sea salt reflects the sun under the water; it was really pretty. Because there is a thick layer of ice on the ocean now — a lot seriously changed to the landscape during five years —  the Tomoebi can finally be seen for the people on the surface, but instead of the sun they see the moon.

Tsumugu and his professor came back to the town on research. It is during the night while they’re waiting for the Tomoebi to happen that across the water Miuna turned down the boy before he had a chance to ask her out. And then the something miraculous happened with the ocean. A blue glow issued from beneath the ice and Miuna and Tsumugu ran to the spot where the light was shooting through.

They found Hikaru’s naked body laying on the ice and it is like time stopped for him. He woke up shouting Manaka’s name and then he noticed Miuna and Tsumugu and asked who they were. He still has his middle school body and mind; for him five years didn’t pass, but when he saw the ice and snow everywhere, he knew he was lost in time. I have a feeling that Miuna and Hikari are going to become a couple at the end of this series; I had that feeling in the first half, but didn’t think it would actually happen because there was Chisaki and Manaka closer to his heart. Now with one supposedly gone and the other grown up and maybe in love with someone else, my belief is coming true.

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