Silver Spoon S2 Episode 01 – Mikage and Komaba


English: Silver Spoon

Japanese: 銀の匙

You can watch this series here:

Finally we return to one of my favorite anime of all time with Silver Spoon season two. There are a few ways to start a second season and many will opt for a recap of what took place in season one. Though if the anime is an action show like Dragonball it is possible they will opt to go with an explosive scene. Silver Spoon actually does neither and decided to go with a joke.

It all started when Mikage was looking for a bra and asked Hachiken to help her find it. She said it went missing after she cleaned it and Hachiken being the big dummy that he is, thought she was talking about her bra. The bra belonged to a cow and the creepy cow club had it. They were extra creepy in this episode; they’re the same people that think cows are their girlfriends.

It is dangerous for cows that recently gave birth to have their udders hanging down. With more milk being produced they bulge and get longer and this makes it easier for the udders to get stepped on by a careless cow, therefore humans invented a special bra for the cow’s sake.

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The third years in the Equestrian Club retired in this episode to focus on exams and/or career hunting. They make the only second year the new president and everyone expected Mikage to be the new Vice President, but that job landed on Hachiken’s shoulders. He asked why and the seniors told him that he is honest and trustworthy. People call him the guy that won’t say no. He is cynical, but even that, they say, works in his favor.

One senior had this to say about Mikage not being chosen; Mikage doesn’t allow people to get too close to her emotionally. It is mere woman’s intuition, but Hachiken soon finds out that his senior was right when he found Mikage and Komaba talking that night and she was crying. Komaba and Mikage both said it is none of his business. Mikage would act natural around him throughout the rest of the episode, but it was obvious that she drew a line that must not and will not be crossed at this time concerning what she talked about with Komaba.

Komaba is very popular with the girls and one asked him out in this episode. He turned her down because he doesn’t have the time for a girlfriend with baseball and everything else. Hachiken knows Mikage and Komaba are childhood friends and he knows they have a shared secret, but he doesn’t believe they’re romantically involved with each other right now. He does come to realize as he worries more about what he saw, Mikage crying, that he is falling in love with Mikage.

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Mikage is not thinking straight. She would never make a mistake when it comes to taking care of horses, but with her mind currently on whatever her conversation with Komaba is all about, she accidentally forgot to shut the gate on the horse corral and they all got out. Luckily nothing happened to them or the school’s crops.

Hachiken remembered the principle telling him to watch out for people that are suffering, but have no one to talk to and to become the person they can talk to. He decided to take the principal’s advice and he asked Mikage what happened, but she told him flatly that it isn’t his business. This poor guy can’t catch a break, but he can find a horseshoe that is supposedly lucky. Mikage told him how it is lucky and that he should hang it up on his door, which he does do to end the episode.

A few things need to be mentioned, but couldn’t find the right place to mention them above. First off the bacon Hachiken sent his parents in Tokyo that he personally made was well received by his mom. His mom unbeknownst to him lied and said that his dad ate some and liked it too. He didn’t bother to try the bacon his son made. Another thing is that Tokiwa is still an idiot and ignored Hachiken’s one-on-one tutoring and relied solely on his pencil to help him through exams. The last thing I neglected to mention is that Koshien season is now and Komaba is playing in the qualifiers leading up to the grand baseball finale.

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