Log Horizon Episode 15 – War Has Come!


Japanese: ログ・ホライズン

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/log-horizon

Minori transformed into a mini, female Shiroe for the sake of her team. Rudy the Sorcerer was skeptical about her wisdom at first, but he quickly realized that Minori was in the right and he in the wrong. Minori wanted to know everything about the people in her squad from their likes and dislikes to their spells (what they do, how long they need to cooldown to cast again, and why they prefer those spells over other ones). Throughout it all, she was writing everything down in her notebook.

The team found out that they match up well with each other. It just took someone to say something to get them to realize this. Following Shiroe’s careful party formation and battle strategy, Team Minori entered the dungeon and didn’t come back out again until seven hours later. Normally they’re forced to run away after encountering one batch of monsters. The strategies are working and everyone is falling into their natural roles placed on them by the game, which they were ignoring until now.

They have the Samurai up front taunting the monsters to draw their attention on him throughout the battle. Rudy remained in back waiting until it was time for him to cast his most powerful spells. Minori was watching the area around them and making sure they aren’t being ambushed. Serara is now the party’s main healer; before it was both Minori and Serara, but that was too inefficient. The bard girl was laying down support and was a huge reason why Rudy killed so many monsters with two quick spells.

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Minori told Shiroe all about their dungeon success that night. She said they planned and talked all day yesterday instead of going into the dungeon and their efforts paid off. She mentioned that Rudy is handsome, but also quite lame and stupid and this made him laugh. It was a good time for these two and this conversation was really needed for Shiroe at that moment.

Shiroe was pretending to redraw a map using better materials to keep everyone except Akatsuki away from his real subject of interest — the things that he learned. He is tired and for the first time ever his face is showing his exhaustion. He was doing too much and essentially going in circles without getting anything done. The talk with Minori helped him realize that he should take things one at a time. He should talk with Akatsuki about this, because she is not doing too well knowing the truth either.

The princess and the leader of the round table, both names I keep forgetting, if anyone remembers them please tell me in the comments below, are sitting at a table outside having lunch together. The princess’s facade is crumbling the longer she remains in his presence, but she doesn’t mind and secretly hopes he will ask for her to have lunch with him again tomorrow.

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The bard girl and Rudy have a special relationship, but it isn’t one of lovers. At first she was nervous because he is just so handsome, but like Minori, knows he is lame and stupid. And then it hit her while they were talking about hot sandwiches back in the real world. Rudy is like a golden retrieve and that is why she isn’t nervous around him at all. She tried adding him to her friend’s list and when she tried, his name was rejected twice. Rudy seemed to be expecting this and the look on his face was one of pure sadness.

War has come and it isn’t between the People of the Land and the Adventurers as everyone thought it would. It is a war between the Adventurers and the demi-humans, the monsters. Maybe the People of the Land will side with the Adventurers, but the summer training camp people were attacked suddenly by hundreds of fish-warriors leaping out of the ocean with giant spears. They’re all between levels 20-30, but there are literally hundreds of them swarming the beach like on D-Day. Even the lvl 90 teachers were forced to run away and seek cover in the forest behind them.

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