Naruto Shippuden Episode 344 – Madara Recruits Obito


English: Naruto: Shippuden

Japanese: ナルト- 疾風伝

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It was a huge surprise for everyone that Madara appeared on the battlefield with Naruto and his group against Obito, the fake Madara. Madara’s presence here meant that the Kages that fought against him are defeated. Like a chilling wind, this news washed over the four heroes like daggers. Bee in particular was broken emotionally while thinking of Ay. The other Kages aren’t emotionally attached to the other heroes save for Gaara and Tsunade. With relish, Madara said that they aren’t doing so will right now.

Tsunade has been split in half. This is one of my biggest asspull problems I have with Naruto. Tsunade is still alive despite her body being ripped in two by a giant tree branch. The other Kages are in dire straits as well, but they’re lingering on with life. Tsunade summoned her giant slug and asked it to bring the other Kages to her so that she can heal them. She is going to forego her own healing in this situation.

In a rage, Naruto’s clone which is bursting with Kurama’s chakra, attacked Madara with a Tailed Beast Bomb-like Rasengan. Obito threw Madara’s Uchiha Fan back to Madara. The fan is like a mirror that gathers and enemy’s attacking chakra and bounces it back at them. Naruto’s clone didn’t stand a chance at all, being hit point blank with the power of his indignation.

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The real Naruto was pulling the chakra rods out of the Eight Tails to free him. Madara asked where Nagato is and why the plan went to hell. Nagato was supposed to use his resurrection jutsu on Madara, but he went and used it on Konoha to bring back everyone he killed. Madara was pretty annoyed by this point and said he will capture both the Eight and Nine Tails himself while Obito handles the other two, Gai and Kakashi.

Most of the episode is the tale of how Madara recruited Obito to work for him and, I’ll be honest, I skipped a few scenes that were repeated so many times now. Those scenes I skipped was the time when Obito got crushed by the rock and his Sharingan activated. This whole story is told during Kakashi’s Gaiden. I’ll pick up the tale from after that and when Obito woke up inside a tree with the Gedo Statue in the background with Madara alive, but dying and would be dead if he wasn’t siphoning chakra from the Gedo Statue.

Obito thought Madara was Death and he came to personally take him to Hell or Heaven. Obito started yelling and crying how he is a good person that always helped old people. He’s like those people that will stand at the Great White Throne Judgement one day and start saying how good they were before being thrown in the Lake of Fire. Obito is lucky Madara isn’t going to take him anywhere, but he does require Obito to return the favor that Madara performed by saving his life.

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Madara launched into this long spiel about how there is light and darkness, happiness and sadness, life and death. Obito was bored early into the speech because old people always ramble on like this, he thought. After listening to Madara talking now about the Moon’s Eye Plan, though he didn’t call it that then, Obito started having second thoughts about all of this. He is a torso with only his left hand and head intact. He has his legs also, but they’re both too weak to carry his weight.

He wants to help his friends and crawled across the floor to leave. Madara cautioned him to stop being reckless, or Hashirama’s cells that he tediously tiwed to Obito’s body will come apart and he will die. Obito doesn’t care. His only thought is to get away from Madara and find his friends to help them.

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