Magi Kingdom of Magic Episode 14 – Magical City


English: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Synonyms: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 2

Japanese: マギ The kingdom of magic

You can watch this series here:

It’s crazy how the characters in this show can make my blood boil. I love that it gets me so emotionally invested with what’s going on, but all the same I hope for a quick death to those that threw Marga into that pit and that Hell will have no mercy on their souls.

The episode begins with Titus pulling a creepy move out of nowhere by visiting Aladdin in the dead of night when he’s supposed to be locked up in solitary. He is calmer now and without waiting revealed that he is Scheherazade’s magician and he was sent here on a secret mission. He then asked which Magi Aladdin worked for and Aladdin told him that he is a Magi himself, not a magician of one.

Titus explained the ruby crystal in his forearm, saying that it enables him to speak with his Magi telepathically and this is proof that he is her subordinate. Aladdin has the same crystal in his arm and in the same spot, but his crystal is somehow different from Titus’. Aladdin’s crystal suppresses the Rukh shield around every Magi. Titus is disappointed and made to leave. He thought that he found another person that was created by a Magi, but he was wrong.

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Aladdin called out to him before he left and asked if they can be friends, because he thought he found someone that was like him as well. Titus didn’t reply that night, but the next morning when Sphintus and he were leaving to go into the Magic City, Titus went along with them as Aladdin’s friend. Even Sphintus didn’t appear to mind Titus too much, this is a huge change from the previous episode.

The Magic City is a wondrous place to be and this is the first place that any of the three witnessed that looked so glorious and so perfect. There are Magic Tools in abundance and Rukh of the eight colors helping magicians with crops and with other aspects of life. Sphintus is the most amazed because he comes from a land that looks like Egypt where everything from running water to gathering food was done by slaves. Here Magic Tools replaced the need for slaves.

Sphintus is living the highlife with the commonwealth of the city treating him like royalty because he is simply a magician. Aladdin was treated like someone’s jester in good faith because he’s also a magician. Titus cared not for riches or fancy clothes; he found a kitty and loved it. He found a baby and made oogly eyes at it. Titus cares more about the value of life and the simple things that make it great because he is a creation. His Magi when he told her about these things lectured him that he wasn’t created for these things and reminded him that his only purpose for living is to complete his mission. Titus didn’t tell Scheherazade about Aladdin.

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Let me tell you about the 5 Class System that this city uses. 1st Class citizens are the teachers and chairman of the magic school; 2nd Class citizens are second year students like Aladdin and his friends; 3rd Class are those that are born from magicians; 4th Class are called goi and they’re normal people that pay taxes; 5th Class are goi that can’t pay taxes and Aladdin found out that their section of the city is restricted.

The same night they went to the magic city, Titus appeared in Aladdin’s and Sphintus’ room again and asked Aladdin to help him with his mission. He plans on sneaking into the teachers’ library to learn more about the 5th District. It took some fancy Light Magic to change their appearances and some Healing Magic from Sphintus to put two guards and another teacher to sleep to make it work. There is a barrier and the key to this barrier is given to all of the teacher, so Titus’ disguise wasn’t going to work at all so it’s fortunate that a hapless teacher happened by.

Aladdin and his two friends pored over the books and scrolls until Aladdin found one. It was a graph of the population of the magic city. There are 300,000 people living here and the graph is broken by citizen count per class. It starts really small with just 5% for the 1st Class, but the 5th Class that nobody likes to talk about has exactly 200,000 citizens, or 2/3 of the total population. Using what Aladdin found, they come across a secret passage and take it. The passage led them underground to the part of the city that the 5th Class citizens reside.

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It is horrible down there; these people have no hope. Their Magoi, basically their life-force, is being syphoned away every second to fuel the Magic Tools on the surface for a meager, ungrateful citizenship to enjoy luxury. The people down there do no work; they drink and are whoring themselves out in the street with no shame. Moments into coming down here a young girl maybe eight years old collapsing in front of our three friends. They realize that she is going to die because her Magoi reached its limit. And nobody in this town cares.

Titus took the girl named Marga into a house and created a barrier of light around her to stop the syphoning process. Aladdin’s and his friends’ Magoi is being syphoned right now also. The older generation could not believe that a magician would help a 5th Class citizen and it is who appears to be the leader of the group that explains this city. It is a Magoi Production Factory. The second generation committed some sin that wasn’t discussed that put them in this place, but according to the old men, this place is still better than when it was under Musta’sim reign.

Marga has one dream and that dream is to become a scholar or a doctor, because only someone useful like that can leave this bleak life and see the upper world. For a child born in this place, never having seen what the sun even looks like, this is a pure dream. Aladdin plays with some sand for her and transforms it into the city, even going so far to make her a sand cat. Titus empathizes with her greatly and said they will come back everyday to teach her how to read because she doesn’t know how. She doesn’t want them to come back for that reason because she knows she will die in one or to years at most. She has a heart condition so it is a miracle she is alive now, or not since we know that she would be dead if Titus didn’t just save her life…

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There is a squad of magicians that come down to the 5th District everyday to patrol. The patrol consists of everyone in the underground lining up so they can perform a head count. If there are any dead or on the verge of dying, that person is disposed of easily enough. They are thrown into a dark pit that goes down hundreds of feet. The town warned Titus against smuggling Marga out because if the patrol found out someone is missing, everyone dies. After the patrol lined everyone up, it soon became apparent that Marga is going to die without Titus. They take her and throw her into the pit and the episode ends with Aladdin and Titus dropping like a falcon to save her life.

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