Noragami Episode 02 – Something Like Snow


Japanese: ノラガミ

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Hiyori is finding out that life in a state that at random moments of her day she will be ejected from her body to be both exhilarating and worrisome. There is no reason or pattern for when she is ejected from her body. It happens at some of the worst moments like in the middle of a bath where she could easily slip under the water and die. Sometimes being ejected from her body is convenient, like when it happens during class and she uses her new free time to go have fun outside. Her friends are worried about the fact that Hiyori seemingly is able to fall asleep in a second and they’re forced carrying her around school until body and soul are reunited.

In addition to this new phenomena occurring to her body since the day of her accident in which she tried saving the life of a poor god named Yato, Hiyori also experiences the unpleasant gaze of ayakashi. Yato explained to her that only young children and animals can see ayakashi and they are essentially evil spirits manifested from human emotion. They latch onto some people, normally depressed people, and can possess them. Other times the ayakashi merely sit on a person’s should for a ride through town or they play with animals, namely cats, and scaring them.

Ayakashi come in all different sizes and shapes and some are obviously more evil than others while some really big dinosaur-large ayakashi seemingly have no interest in anything and walk about as they desire. Yato and Hiyori call three flying ayakashi in particular a storm because they have a black haze following them around. It doesn’t go into detail what the storm is or anything other than its name and the three ayakashi always around when they look at the storm.

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Yato is still no closer to permanently reuniting Hiyori with her body. It is a solution that for now eludes them, so he uses his time fulfilling other prayers to kickstart his silly dream to have girls pick out peanuts from mixed nuts to feed him. Yato made it clear to Hiyori that he is practically useless without a Shinki/Divine Instrument/Regala (depending on which subs you’re using. I may unconsciously switch between these). He told her that he needs a spirit to have a Regala. Yato then left Hiyori for another job.

Hiyori got a stupid idea after talking to Yato and I’m sure you can figure out what her plan is. She wants to be reunited with her body forever faster and Yato said he can’t do anything without a Regala and to get a Regala he requires a spirit. She connected this and came to the conclusion that she should go throughout the city asking ayakashi if they’re willing to be Yato’s Regala. You can already tell this isn’t going to end well and it doesn’t.

Hiyori called Yato to tell him that she found a spirit and he teleported to her side. The ayakashi she found is like a giant green spider and it is smarter than most ayakashi. It tricked Hiyori to bring Yato here to eat him and her. While running away from the ayakashi Hiyori’s soul slipped out of her body (Yikes!). She remembered that she has increased strength and speed in this form and decided to fight the spider ayakashi.

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She wagged her tail in front of the spider’s eyes to lure it at her and then when it lunged, she leaped into the air to kick it like her god Tono always does in his fights. But Yato took her tail and gave it a good pull. She reacted better and faster and in the same way a Saiyan would react if you would to grab their tail and pull on it. Yato then told her something he should have told her from the very beginning when he realized that she is an anomaly. Hiyori’s tail isn’t a tail at all; it is her umbilical cord connecting her soul with her body. If it is severed she dies.

Yato had his left hand bitten by the spider ayakashi when he pulled Hiyori to save her. His hand, he tells her, is blighted. It is cursed and this curse will spread throughout his body unless he performs an exorcism or purifies it. There is a small lull in the action as they manage to escape from the spider momentarily so that he can explain all of this to her. And then the spider found them and the chase begins again.

Yato saw a white fluff ball with a face beside a postbox while hopping buildings. That is a spirit of a teenage boy; Yato doesn’t like deal with personalities of teenage boys, but beggars can’t be choosers. He calls the spirit back from the Far Shore to act as his Regala. He gives the spirit a name called Yukine. I’ll be using the short version of Yuki. It was snowing at that moment and the name Yuki means snow for those that don’t know.

033 034 053

Yuki became a katana in Yato’s hand and he used it to kill the spider ayakashi easily. After this Yato and Hiyori went to a temple where Yato poured holy water on his blighted hand and it instantly healed. Hiyori was just getting used to the sword when suddenly it turned into a teenage boy. That boy Yuki has a terrible personality and is a stuck up, rotten brat.

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