Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil Episode 01 – A Cute Little Lawyer


Japanese: ウィザード・バリスターズ〜弁魔士セシル

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/wizard-barristers

I don’t quite agree with the directing the first episode went. There is too much separate paths going this way and that, that if you came across them on a forest hike, you wouldn’t know which one to take. I don’t know how this mess is going to sort itself out, how this lattice connects one plot with another. It would be the height of stupidity if none of these plots currently going  on connects with other plots.

We are introduced to this world where people that can use mahig are called Wud. When Wud are convicted of a crime they call upon the Wizard Barristers, which are attorneys for Wuds. Cecil Sudou is a Wizard Barrister fresh from the Bar Exam. She is seventeen years old, quite cute with her hip-style and purple hair. She is what you would call a genius lawyer, but she isn’t stuck-up like you would expect a genius to be or a normal lawyer to be.

She is late on her first day of work because she overslept. She was too nervous the night before to go to school. In her rush to get to work on time, she was stopped by two officers for breaking the law. It is a law that states only bikes can go down this street and she was on a scooter. The officers found out she is a Wud from her I.D. and asked to check her bag, as if wizards hide their magic in there. She went all lawyer on them and they backed off. Sadly this wouldn’t happen in today’s society; if she were living today she might be shot for standing up for her rights.

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Getting to work now on time is an impossibility, but Cecil doesn’t give up. As she is riding her scooter she happens to see a Diabold, which is a monster erected from magic by taking metal from various objects and forming them together into one shape. She followed the Diabold and found a crime scene. One Wud is dead and another is being held for murder. The scene of the crime is a bank and the guy being held for murder killed a bank robber in self-defence. Cecil offered to be the wizard’s Wizard Barrister.

Cecil went to work at the agency late. I don’t remember if this is right, but I believe the name of her agency is Butterly -Something. She met the boss first and he was rightly mad at her for being late and on top of that getting herself a client when she is still a newbie. His name is Seseri Chouno and he is ugly with blue hair that looks magically enhanced to look stupid.

Ageha Chouno  seems to be the second in charge formally, but on the inside appears to be the real power within the agency. It is thanks to her that Cecil is not punished for being late or taking on a client without telling her agency first. There are other people in the agency of course, but for this episode none of them really stand out, even though one of them is also new to the agency and fresh from the Bar Exam.

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Cecil went with Ageha to meet her client for the first time in the jail. He wasn’t responsive to her. His name is Kohinata and he is naturally not a social person, made even worse in the situation he found himself in. He is not an attractive person physically and that is detrimental for Cecil’s job, because she is young, cute, and stylish. Her clothes give off a certain aura that she isn’t taking her job seriously at all and he picks up on that, whether she is serious or not. They’re forced to leave that day and come again tomorrow.

The police are tightening the noose around Kohinata. They watch security footage of Kohinata coming to the bank everyday and leaving. He doesn’t do anything; it looks as if he’s checking the place out. It doesn’t help that he used to work for the bank. Why he would kill one of the bank robbers if he is a co-conspirator is the only thing they can’t figure out. But with this knowledge, Cecil and Ageha head to the bank to question them. The manager of the bank is a rude and arrogant person and the lady teller is quietly sitting beside him. They don’t learn anything by going to the bank.

After leaving the bank, a few minutes go by and then the girl teller calls Ageha’s cell phone to request a private conversation away from the bank and from her manager. The lady tells Cecil and Ageha that Kohinata is quiet and shy, but a good person. He was bullied by his co-workers after they found out he is a Wud. It became so bad that he was forced to leave. The day of the bank robbery the lady teller was in danger and Kohinata used his magic to save her life. This led to the unfortunate death of one bank robber and his arrest.

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Cecil feels confident going forward from this point knowing for fact that Kohinata was acting in self-defense. Even Wuds are allowed to use magic in self-defense. This is like a clear cut case now. She went back to Kohinata to tell him what the lady teller told her and he finally opened up. He said she is the only one that would say hi to him after everyone at the bank bullied him. He quit, but he went back to the bank everyday to see her. Cecil found out that he has feelings for the lady teller. Ageha is slow on the uptake, which I thought was strange considering that she has the mind of an old pervert.

The first episode followed this plot for a while and everything was going good, but after this new elements kept being added to the story that I felt could have been better implemented in later episodes for flow issues. We learn that Cecil’s mom is a convicted criminal. Judging by everyone’s reactions when they find out, this is a very serious matter. I bet she’s on death row. There is a shady group of thugs that know Cecil and they attack her when the episode’s ending comes. Cecil defends herself by summoning her own metal Diabold to chase them off, at the same time asking them to turn themselves in and she will be their lawyer.

So far I don’t see where this story is going. I don’t know if Kohinata’s arrest is important enough to the overall plot at all. One thing I neglected to mention until now is that Cecil has a Familiar. Familiars are terms given to animals that can talk and act almost human. Sometimes in anime they’re represented as spirits or demons. Cecil’s Familiar to a perverted toad that will not pass up a chance to grab her butt of her breasts. Seeing as he goes from one to the other after being slapped shows that the price for feeling Cecil up is more than worth paying.

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