Buddy Complex Episode 02 – In The Future


Japanese: バディ・コンプレックス

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Aoba was transported 70-ish into the future and touched down in the middle of what looks like a warzone. Aoba is stuck in Hina’s mobile; they had a fancy name for it but I don’t remember it. The worst thing to stick in my memory are names, so please bear with me. Why is it that all mobile suit anime out there have so many characters to remember? The fighting outside is very serious. The army that Aoba was transported to was ambushed by a rival army and they’re in the middle of securing a defense amid defenders’ deaths.

There are two sides in this war and the two powers basically separated the world into two areas. We have the Americas and Japan forming one alliance and the opposing army is based in the China and Russia area. The place where Aoba was transported to is a research lab that the army was using as a secret base and it wasn’t found out until now, hence the fighting.

In this universe a new brand mobile suits can perform a Coupling. Coupling grants two similar mobile suits that connect telepathically (I’m guessing) increased speed and mobility. Another unique trait of this Coupling happens between the pilots of both mobile suits; they share memories when they’re in the Coupling state. Dio and Aoba learn this in the middle of battle.

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Aoba is sitting in the mobile suit that belonged to a guy named Marcus. He was killed before even leaving the hangar. The roof caved in after entering his mobile suit. The command noticed life signs in Marcus’ mobile suit and they heard Aoba asking about Hina. They don’t know who Hina is and they think Aoba is a scientist that slipped into the mobile suit against orders. The computer said that his synchronization is perfect with Dio.

Dio is fighting with two other pilots out there in the sky. From the way they’re talking, I get the impression that Dio is their ace pilot. The commanding officer, a guy named Gengo, ordered Dio and the new guy (Aoba) to perform a Coupling. Now his subordinates look at him like he’s crazy and he merely responds with a lazy face saying that he hates losing. He is willing to accept responsibility for this breach of security.

Dio broke away from his comrades and went flying toward Aoba in his mobile suit. He yelled for Aoba to say “Connect to Dio” but Aoba was more concerned trying to have a conversation with Dio. Dio is the person that Hina wanted him to talk to as soon as he came to the future. Dio is in the middle of a fight so he’s in no mood to talk. It took some time, but Aoba finally said it and they connected. Their mobile suits connected and their minds connected, but none of this happened physically.

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The mobile suits underwent a physical change. They before looked like you run of the mill mobile suits, but now they look like gundams with shining light like wings on their backs. Aoba fought for the first time today and he learned how to fight extremely fast. He went from not knowing how to open the cockpit to get out or moving to swiftly dodging enemy attacks and even bringing down one enemy unit. The enemy retreated after losing one unit. The leader of their squad is a guy named Bizon and he saw the Coupling technology that wasn’t revealed until now.

After the battle took place, the Dio ended the Coupling instantly and Aoba crashed to the ground because without Dio’s knowledge of piloting in his mind, he doesn’t know how to do anything. Dio opened the cockpit and held a gun at Aoba. Aoba was taken inside the main airship with the gun still pointing at him. Lene is a female officer and second in command; she checked Aoba’s personal belongings and found his student ID from 70 years back.

Elvira looks like a scientist and Mayuka (I’ll use her nickname of Mayu from here on) is a tech specialist. They both went to see Aoba. I get the impression that Mayu, though quiet, has a keen interest in Aoba. Dio still had the gun out, but he was ordered back to the commanding officer. Aoba then saw the pin that Hina gave him to give to Dio. He grabbed at it and held it out,but Dio said he doesn’t know Hina and he’s never seen that pin in his life before. Before the airship leaves the research lab, they blow the entire complex skyhigh to destroy evidence.

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