The Pilot’s Love Song 02 – Where’s Claire?


Synonyms: Love Song of a Certain Pilot

Japanese: とある飛空士への恋歌

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Previous Episode Summaries

Karl, Kal-el Albus, is looking for Claire Cruz, the girl that stole his heart just the day before. He can’t find her though no matter where he looks. He hoped to find her at the entrance ceremony for their pilot school, but she wasn’t around. Instead he was forced to listen to Admiral Louis de Alarcon talk on and on. Louis is something of a hero because he was the person that found the Holy Spring from legends and he knows that the End of the Sky legend is also true because he found the spring.

Louis also talked about the world and the three kingdoms and the continents that they command. It was honestly pretty mundane stuff that I bet will have no bearing on the actual story for a few more episodes at least. It was obvious at any rate that Karl had more important things on his mind while scanning the faces of his fellow students. After the introduction was finished it was free time and Ariel and Karl went down to the port town to buy ingredients for dinner.

While in town Ariel and Karl met Benjamin and Sharon, two classmates of theirs from the same dorm. After buying fish and other things, they decided to head back when a shout caught their attention. Noriaki and Nanako, also two classmates out on date, crashed into one of the upper class students in the school and smeared his jacket with strawberry ice cream. Being from higher class in society, people naturally were slow to defend Noriaki, even when his arms were held and the jerk punched him in the stomach. Another classmate named Wolfgang came to his aid by wiping the smudge from the upper class student’s jacket.

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That evening the girls made dinner. Ariel was easily the best cook. She explained this away by saying since her mom died, she and her two sisters would take turns making dinner. Nanako has the least experience cooking and the other two girls, Sharon and Chiharu, have average to above average cooking. During dinner the new friends talk about why they chose to become a pilot. The answers ranged from being poor and pilots are paid good, to having an interest in piloting since childhood, to wondering about the End of the Sky from a scientific point-of-view. One person said that she joined just because.

The next day was their first day at school officially and their teacher was late. He overslept. I forget his name; hopefully it will come to me. Their teacher made them rush to the hanger to meet with Class 1, the upper society students. Karl looked all over for Claire and couldn’t find her still. He’s very worried that she caught a cold after falling into the lake. While at the hangar the teachers from Class 1 and Class 2 taught them everything they needed to know about the planes they will be working with. After this finished the teachers broke up the students and told them to pair up with someone. They have thirty minutes to find a partner and it is encouraged for partners to be a guy and a girl.

Claire Cruz is a relative of  admiral Louis de Alarcon, in fact it is thanks to him that she is able to be enrolled in the school at all. If he wasn’t around, it’s possible that she wouldn’t be allowed to go much anywhere. She arrived late to class; she looks great in her pilot gear. Karl saw her and went up to her smiling from ear to ear. He’s glad that she’s not sick and asked if she wants to be his partner today.

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The upper society student from earlier interrupted their happy moment to degrade Karl as best he could. This nobility student is the son of the head of the guard protecting Isle. He wanted to be Claire’s partner, but it was clear to everyone around that Karl had better manners and that he and Claire have a special understanding. Karl ended with Claire as his partner. It was funny because Ariel was left with Axel as her partner. Axel is the most unsocial person she ever met. I sense a romance budding between them. Axel knows who Kawl really is. I don’t know what his purpose is, but I have a faint suspicion that he is his family’s old bodyguard before the rebellion.

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