Witch Craft Works Episode 02 – Apprenticeship


Synonyms: Witchcraft Works

Japanese: ウィッチクラフトワークス

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Takamiya  remains one of the most inept main male leads that I have ever seen, but he’s making an attempt to get stronger and his first step in this regard is to ask Ayaka Kagari what the heck is going on. She wasn’t on the morning bus to school. He thought this was very strange because she made it clear to him that she will stay by his side at all times. He went to school and arrived at a strange club room called the Torture Research Club. Kagari was in there and she tied four of the five witches that transferred into their class just the other day and was burning them alive at the stake.

Apparently Kagari ambushed the four of them this morning on their way to school and brought them here with the intention of torturing and/or killing them. It’s hard to tell how serious she is about all of this, because she tells jokes with the same devoid-of-life expression she always wears. I don’t want to sound presumptuous, but I think the Witches of the Clock enjoy being tied up and burnt alive…

Tanpopo is the witch that we met last episode and she told Takamiya that they want his white stuff. She honestly said that with a straight face not realizing what the more mature witches think she’s saying. Takamiya’s face also went firetruck red. Kagari looked the same. She’s boring but oh so beautiful. The fifth Witch of the Clock was hiding on the ceiling with her tiger scarf. This whole scene was reeking of hilarious nonsense.

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The four witches got free from the stake and were going to fight Kagari. Takamiya was captured by the the tiger scarf girl and she was running away with him. Kagari easily disposed of the four witches and burned her way through the floor to get to Takamiya one floor down. The tiger scarf girl held Takamiya hostage. Her tiger scarf is alive! It sunk its teeth into Takamiya’s neck a second before Kagari exploded with anger and burned them. The five Witches of the Clock went home early from school that day to nurse their wounds. I liked watching them ride giant bunny robots.

Takamiya woke up in Kagari’s room at school. She was wearing a scarf around her neck. He thought this was very odd and she was hiding something because it is in the middle of summer. It’s hot as heck and she’s wearing a scarf. Oddly enough, the tiger bite marks that should be on Takamiya’s neck aren’t there. This scene was cut short, but we learn that he asked her to be her apprentice.

At a cafe the leaders of the Witches of the Clock and the Craft Witches met. the leader of the WotC is a girl named Chronowaalschwarz, but I’ll call her Chrono from now on to make things simplier. The leader of CW is Kazane Kagari. As you can guess from her name, she is Kagari’s mom and the chairwoman of the school. They spoke for a bit about old times. Kazane wanted nothing to do with Chrono in all honesty. Nothing much of real interest was said, but it should be noted that they haven’t spoken to each other for over a hundred years.

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While on break from school, Kagari called Takamiya to meet up. She has somewhere that she wants to take him. They meet up, she is in her school uniform, and start walking. Kagari fills Takamiya in on everything regarding the two witch factions. The Craft Witches are basically good witches and many cities were built around Craft Witches’ businesses. The WotC are evil witches and while their purpose isn’t known they revel in hurting others.

They stop in a cafe for a time. the waitress is a huge Kagari fangirl and she knows about Takamiya even though he doesn’t know her more than the fact she goes to his school and is on the student council. This cafe is magically run, even the ice cream he ordered turned to ice in front of his eyes. Kagari hates the waitress and wishes that she never knew her. After the cafe they go to the mall where Kagari dives into the clothes.

A little girl is lost in the mall and a lady takes the girl in hand and asks if everyone is looking for a girl. The lady sees Takamiya and then literally smacks the lost little girl in the face away from her. She is a WotC in disguise. She has two allies in the mall shopping. Kagari comes to Takamiya’s aid when she finds out that he’s in trouble and almost as easy as taking in a breath of air, she defeats these WotC.

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After this incident Takamiya is forced to carry the bags. They arrive at school, but before this Kagari reminds Takamiya that he wanted to be her apprentice and not to worry about pointless things. They head to the chairwoman’s office so that he can meet with Kazane. Kazane welcomes him officially into the Craft Witches fold. After the ending credits we find out that Kagari was shopping for a witch outfit for Takamiya to wear.

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