Engaged to the Unidentified Episode 02 – Aliens and Mysterious Animals


English: Engaged to the Unidentified

Japanese: 未確認で進行形

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/engaged-to-the-unidentified

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Before I get into the summary, let me just say that the ending song was so addicting. I went back and listened to it multiple times. Now I never do this; in fact I rarely listen to the OP and ED so it means a lot to say I listened to it multiple times.

Mashiro can’t get over the fact that Benio acts like polar opposites when she’s at school and when she’s at home. She remains convinced it is all a trick, a trap, or something much worse. Benio is still on a crusade to get Mashiro to call her ‘Nee-sama’ like she has Kobeni call her that. Benio knows little children and that the way to their heart is through sweets. She asked Benio to come to the student council at school in exchange for royal milk tea and scones. Benio used some fancy culinary words on Mashiro and if it weren’t for this, Mashiro would have been captured like a pokemon.


After Mashiro ran away to seek her brother for comfort, Kobeni asked her sister who their family is. The reason she asked this is because Mashiro is so obviously a grade school student, but she’s in high school. Benio answered her, saying that she doesn’t know all that much, but that their family has been around for a long time. But then she went off on a tangent about loli little sisters and loli sisters-in-law.

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Later Mashiro was checking online with a cell phone that she and Hakuya share to find out more about scones. She melted into goo where she sat and drool nearly was visible. Kobeni promised to bake scones for Mashiro and Mashiro praised her wife skills. Kobeni does all the housework because her mom’s job is so hectic that she comes home late often and Benio doesn’t like doing them and given her personality most likely sucks at cleaning and cooking. Kobeni loves doing housework; her wife points are shooting through the roof by this point.

Mashiro loves curry we found out in the previous episode; in this episode we find out her second most favorite food of all times is salisbury steak. Benio hinted that they aren’t going to eat natto or yams to ease Mashiro’s worry .Mashiro responded and said that it isn’t good for a wife to read too much into things. I’m sure her heart is at ease.

During dinner the topic of conversation moved in a dangerous direction for Hakuya. He knows Kobeni forgot about the times that he and Kobeni played together as children. And he knows way more about the accident than Kobeni does. In fact everyone sitting around the table knows more about those times and the accident than Kobeni does, and she was involved in it. Hakuya is a quiet guy, but he made it clear to Mashiro right then that the topic is closed, leaving Kobeni wondering what the heck happened back then.

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After dinner Mashiro and Hakuya were sitting in their room together. She wanted to know why he was keeping Kobeni’s past a secret. We don’t learn the exact details about what happened, but during their conversation it becomes clear that Kobeni was involved in some accident that would have killed her if Hakuya didn’t save her life. He got injured as a result of the accident and his heroics. He doesn’t want Kobeni to know the truth because he’s been faithfully in love with her for a long time and he doesn’t want her to marry him because she feels obligated to because he saved her life.

When Mashiro heard this, she quieted down and turned on the TV. Hakuya was playing with popsicle sticks for the majority of the first half. He was building a house and every time he was close to completing it, Mashiro would always jump up suddenly or slam the door open and these things ruined his project. Mashiro was watching a special about alien abductions and believed every word of it. Because she watched the special, she now jumped and bugs out every time someone mentions the word alien or UMA (Unidentified Mysterious Animals).

Kobeni spent her evening trying to remember what happened in her past that everyone around her doesn’t want to tell her. She knows Mashiro wanted to tell her during dinner so she went to find her to ask her, but she found Mashiro after she watched the special on TV and instead had to spend her night before going to bed dealing with a fear-stricken child thinking that all sorts of aliens and UMA’s are going to get her.

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That night Kobeni had a dream about her past before the accident, but everything in the dream was fuzzy and had to make out. She distinctly remembers mountains and a house, but nothing more. The next morning on the way to school Kobeni asked Mashiro about last night, but right then Mashiro said she doesn’t know anything and ran away. She said this because what Hakuya told her about not wanting to make Kobeni feel obligated. But as she ran away, she tripped and scrapped her knees on the ground. At school she was has the wounds cleaned and bunny bandages put on. Her face was glowing with happiness.

The next part was pretty long, but nothing really happened. Benio came to their class while Kobeni and her friend were talking about fatty food going straight to Kobeni’s chest. Mashiro was insulted that someone blessed with a decent chest size and broad hips would complain when her family is known for being under-whelming. Benio came in during this conversation and inserted her own thoughts on the topic.

People are literally worshipping Benio and that scares Mashiro. She thinks that Benio can manipulate their minds, or that she has an antennae sticking out of her head to control their minds. It’s a frightening world that goes on inside a child’s mind. Mashiro was given the school paper and this served a double purpose. The first purpose shows up once again that Benio is perfect in everything she does, and the other purpose is to scare Mashiro even more. She becomes scared after thinking that no way one person can do all of these things in so short a time, so there obviously must be Benio clones running about.

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Kashima Nadeshiko is the vice-president of the student council and she may be the only one that is able to control Benio. She stepped into Kobeni’s classroom and pointed outside the window and said there is a UFO. Everyone looked that way (Mashiro was pale and fidgeting) while Kashima hit Benio in the back of the neck with a school book to take her away, apologizing for the trouble. After this happened, Mashiro accidentally told the whole class, by way of speaking loudly, that she and Hakuya are living with Kobeni and Benio.

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