Nagi no Asukara Episode 15 – Change and Staying the Same


English: Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

Synonyms: Nagi no Asu Kara

Japanese: 凪のあすから

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Hikari is the first one that woke up from the hibernation. He was quickly taken to Akari’s house by Tsumugu’s professor and a doctor. It is a house this time; Akari and Itaru took out a loan on it for their growing family. Tsumugu told Chisaki immediately that Hikari woke up. She turned to stone and her breath was caught up in her throat. Her worst fear is actually going to happen, but I’ll get more into that later.

Hikari couldn’t sleep after being brought to Akari’s house. It didn’t help that Akira and Miuna were looking at him through a crack between door and wall. He now knows what it feels like being a monster that common folk gap at in wonder and shock. It’s hard to take all of this in. Miuna is the same age as he is now, 14 years old. Akari has a kid and she let her hair grow out. But he’s still the same on the inside and the outside. For him the Ofunehiki happened a few hours ago.

The next day is the first day Hikari had that he woke in the future. He was playing the butt poking game with Akira and generally making  a ruckus so early in the morning. He and Chisaki are avoiding one another. A friend and classmate, Sayama, stopped by the house and picked up Hikari and Miuna. Sayu was with him and the look on Hikari’s face when they told him who she was is always priceless.

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Sayu knows all about Miuna being in love with Hikari, but wisely she said nothing in this episode about it. The three of them go into Sayama’s work truck to go about town as if Hikari is a newborn baby that he’s so proud of. Along the way, Sayama fills Hikari in on everything that happened in the five years they’ve been apart, but Hikari isn’t paying him any heed as his mind is boggled by the landscape.

They stop first at the fishery so the old fishermen can poke and prod Hikari like a favored son. They believe that everyone from Shioshishio will begin waking up soon because Hikari woke up. They envision having a couple drinks with the people from there. The old fishermen found the flag Hikari waved the night of the Ofunehiki three years ago and patched it up and stored it away until now when they gave it to him. Hikari remembered how just the other day Manaka told him to wave it proudly so that no one will be lost. The trouble is… he is lost. Hikari went back home saying that he’s sick.

Chisaki didn’t see him that day. She was crying in the morning and trembling in the evening. The same thing was on her mind throughout the day and that is change. Hikari hasn’t changed, but she changed. She’s gotten way more mature in body and I like to say hopefully in mind too, but it doesn’t look like it. Tsugumu pointed out that she was always worrying about changing back then too. After Akari and Hikari, Hikari and Chisaki are the two that’s known each other the longest; of course they’re scared to see one another at the time Hikari lost and the time Chisaki passed through.

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The next morning Hikari left early to go swimming. He wanted to see what it’s like in Shioshishio right now. But try as he might, he couldn’t get there. Miuna was helping Akari with the laundry when Hikari left. She hurried through the chore and went to find Tsumugu to ask why Chisaki hasn’t come by yet. He told her that there’s no way they know what those two are thinking right now and the change that took place. Miuna is constantly being told that she is basically an outsider right now because she is both a child and she isn’t their childhood friend. Tsumugu feels the same way she does.

Tsumugu found Hikari in the water and he jumped onboard Tsumugu’s ship to have it out with him. Miuna overheard their conversation and hid herself. Hikari was yelling at Tsumugu, releasing every pent up emotion he felt. It all comes back down to the new world he lives in and how different it is to his own. He shouts that he’s lost after telling Tsumugu about what Manaka said regarding the flag. Miuna understood his fear and left suddenly to go back home.

At five in the evening Hikari finally gave up trying to get into Shioshishio and that is when he heard it. The music that played when Manaka was still with him to tell Sea People to go back into the sea was playing. He went to the lookout higher up on the mountain to listen to it and there he found Chisaki. Chisaki was pulled by the music too because it sounded nostalgic. They weren’t expecting this sudden meeting, but it was needed.

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Chisaki was talking about change again. For the first time in a while, Hikari smiled genuinely. He said that Chisaki hasn’t changed at all since then while talking about her personality. He feels comforted by this and for a brief moment it’s like the two of them were transported back in time to five years ago. The only difference between the Chisaki of them to the Chisaki of now is that she’s a little stronger so she is able to push Hikari away easier. They have a great time together, though short.

After leaving Chisaki Hikari ran back to Akari’s house and there he saw Miuna and Akira waving the Ofunehiki flag from high up on the mountain where the house is. Actually, they’re trying to wave the flag, but it is far too heavy for them to do anything except hold it upright. Miuna was so adorable when Hikari took the flag from her. She was blushing because he was hugging her (in her mind) when he took the flag. Also that night Tsumugu knew that Chisaki and Hikari finally met just by looking at Chisaki for less than a second.

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