Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 02 – Déjà vu


Synonyms: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 2, Chu-2 Byo demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Japanese: 中二病でも恋がしたい!戀

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Nibutani had her curiosity peaked when she learned Rikka and Yuuta were living together. She enlisted the help of Kumin and Sanae to spy on the happy couple. Her main objective is to watch the couple go about their day with passion oozing from them, making it awkward to look at them. That is what she hoped to find when she thought of this plan. Sanae pretended that she wasn’t interested, but she was the one out there with binoculars watching the apartment for signs of her master and Yuuta.

If you’re one of those looking for a hot, passionate love from these two, you’re sorely mistaken. It’s likely you’ll find more passion from a prostitute than from these two. It’s clear Rikka has none of the culinary talent Touka possesses, which is why she offered to do the other chores instead of cooking. But Rikka is more interested in playing make believe than she is in cleaning up or doing laundry. These tasks always falls upon the siblings to accomplish.

Yuuta was more powerful than Touka when he found the checkbook Rikka owns with this month’s living expenses sent to Rikka by Touka all gone. Rikka spend that money on stupid gadgets that were fun for all of five minutes until he saw the checkbook. Yuuta gave Rikka a good spanking for this and told her to apologize to Touka. The spies watching outside realized that they’re acting like they always do at school.

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Yuuta and Rikka went shopping for dinner and that was a fiasco in and of itself. The spies were still spying. They loved how the couple were doing more couple things, but their aura was more like a grandpa and his grandchild. Rikka found a spice called Cumin, which set off Sanae wondering if there was one labeled Dekomori. After shopping Rikka left Yuuta to go play with Sanae. She got the call from her master while spying on her master…

Nibutani is furious with Yuuta, to put it mildly. The next day after school she confronted Yuuta with Kumin and demanded to know why the hot passion from when they first started going out has wilted to this. They’re not even holding hands! But Yuuta corrected Nibutani, saying that their passion hasn’t wilted because they have never held hands before. They’ve been going out for six months already and had one date on a ship, which was the Christmas Special from the first season.

Nibutani took Yuuta to see a classmate of theirs, a girl named Kannagi Kazari. Kazari is the love expert in the class and she told Yuuta everyone already knew he was going out with Rikka since last year, so there was no point trying to hide it. Kazari made a joke saying that she’s in love with Rikka and this might be her chance. She promised to help the couple and took Yuuta’s cell phone to send a text to Rikka asking her on a date this Sunday. Rikka said okay.

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Nibutani and Kazari both made a point to tell Yuuta that a girl expects a man to take the lead in a relationship and the reason why nothing has happened for so long is because he isn’t being a man. Day of the date finally arrives and the couple take a bike to an aquarium. Rikka held on to the bike and skated behind with her roller blades. On the way there she saw windmills and used her Tyrant’s Eye power to make them spin and asked Yuuta to use his Dark Flame Master powers to help her. The windmill didn’t spin in the end.

They arrived at the aquarium; Rikka has wanted to come here for some time to see a dolphin show. After arriving Yuuta grew some balls and asked Rikka if she wanted to hold his hands. Ah Rikka! Her cuteness is a nuclear warhead on my heart. They walk around everywhere holding hands until it was time for the dolphin show. Rikka was picked to have the dolphin jump. She kept having him jump, feeling like he was obeying her every command. She had on a terrified and almost evil grin.

The date went smoothly, but it didn’t feel like a date to either of them. They just hung out like they always did. Rikka felt insecure and confessed she researched what lovers do. Her findings only made her more confused in the end. Yuuta relaxed when he heard this and laughed. He told Rikka in his Dark Flame Master voice that they may be lovers, but they don’t have to force themselves to follow the traditions of this world and that they should just do what makes them feel comfortable. Rikka then saw the windmills turning and shouted that they combined power made them move.

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That evening Yuuta told Nibutani about the date and how he and Rikka made windmills turns and came back home. Nibutani was confused, but she seemed content after hearing how happy Rikka is. Rikka was out on the balcony when she saw a rope descending from her old apartment and two feet coming down. She guided the feet to the railing like Yuuta used to do. This girl will be the wrench making a muck of their happy relationship, throwing it into a love triangle. She also has Chuunibyou and asked Rikka if she wants to see her magic.

Let me just say I don’t typically like love triangles because it feels like forced drama most of the time. I hope this won’t become like that, though I don’t have my fingers crossed.

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