KILL la KILL Episode 14 – Senketsu’s Fragments


English: KILL la KILL

Synonyms: KLK

Japanese: キルラキル

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The Tri School Raid war has begun finally in this episode after a long time planning behind the scenes. The war would have happened sooner if Matoi didn’t appear with Senketsu. Speaking of Matoi, she woke up in Aikuro’s office on his couch again and like the first time she woke up here in her underwear, he made crude jokes about how she should join Nudist (the secret guerilla group fighting against Satsuki).

Matoi tells Aikuro what happened with Nui and how Senketsu was shredded after her defeat. Senketsu’s voice came from somewhere on Aikuro and Matoi thought he was doing a crappy impersonation to cheer her up, which only pissed her off. She would have killed him if Aikuro didn’t pull the scarf of Senketsu, his eye and mind essentially, from his pocket and gave Senketsu over to Matoi.

Aikuro said he found Matoi in her underwear with a blanket on her (courtesy of Satsuki when she took Senketsu’s fragments) with Matoi clutching on for dear life to this scarf piece of Senketsu. Senketsu can sense where his fragments are. Matoi dresses in a track suit — the look is very good on her — and mounts herself on a motorcycle. She intends to go to Kobe, Osaka, and Kyoto to fetch Senketsu’s fragments. In other news, Aikuro decided it is time that his fake teaching role comes to an end and his allegiance with Nudist is exposed.

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If there is one problem I had with the episode, it’s the fact that the war is already close to being over. There are three fronts in the war for high school supremacy and two of them end without a hitch, seemingly. The final front is a little more difficult and Satsuki herself descends from a helicopter like a ray of sunlight to enter the fray. More on this later, but let just say that this episode was very exciting and entertaining despite this slight directional mishap.

Ira Gamagoori is leading one section of the army in Kobe. His main forces consist of Disciplinary members and their weapons are Honnouji Academy’s rulebook and regulations handbook. Kobe hired the american football club to fight in their stead. Their armor is the football gear and they thought this was enough to defend themselves against the handbooks Ira’s army were throwing. They were wrong.

Ira explains the handbook of Honnouji Academy is likened to steel. It is fierce and power and weighs down students heavier than school books or club gear. They went down, but later in the episode fought back after bringing in a tank with Kobe beef plates for armor. The handbooks couldn’t penetrate the beef, but then Ira ordered those that had Matoi’s Senketsu sewed onto their uniforms to show off their new power. And like this, the handbooks grew substantially in size, comparable with the size of an average student.

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The tank couldn’t withstand their new power and exploded and the students of Kobe were eating the cooking meat from off the ground. This was disgusting, but the meat is just so good. The beef is extremely tender, melting in your mouth. Kobe beef is extremely hard to cook because it is so sensitive to heat. If cooked by the best chef, it is like the taste of honey from heaven. Matoi appeared after the tank exploded on her motorcycle and used her red scissor blade to cut the Senketsu fragments away from the Goku Uniforms and stowed them in a guitar case. And then she left.

Jakuzure is my personal favorite of Satsuki’s main four. I love the way she talks and her offensive abilities are second best to Uzu Sanageyama. She was attacking Kyoto. After arriving at the school, the school leaders summoned an illusion of the four great beasts (tiger, dragon, phoenix, turtle) to intimidate Jakuzure’s army. It worked and she was the only one not panicking. Inumuta appeared through a hologram and he used the art club to destroy the illusions and barrier around Kyoto’s school. He then went back to the information side of the war.

After losing their barrier, the army from Kyoto was defeated without effort, though Jakurzure put in every effort to win with dominance. She had Senketsu’s fragment users up front with tubas blasting at the enemy and shooting them with sound into a wall, creating a crater shaped like a Valentine’s Day heart. Matoi showed up here in Kyoto also and took back Senketsu’s fragments and then left with Jakuzure yelling curses at her back.

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Sanageyama is stationed in Osaka and his opponent is a living incarnation of the Biblical quote from 1st Timothy 6:10; the Bible reads: “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” He fights using money, even going so far as to create his own currency to buy and sell with. He also uses his money in replace of ammunition for guns.

Mako was stationed also in Osaka as a grunt moving supplies around. She then saw a food stand and went over to it hoping for some food, but she had no money. She then saw a soldier literally shooting money from a gun and had him shoot at her. She swiped the money from out of the air and went on a food buying binge. She bought everything you could possibly imagine from food stalls sold in Japan. With her spoil in three bags on her back, Mako was a happy person until Satsuki’s army saw her.

They demanded to know why Mako deserted the fight to go buy food like she is on vacation. They had her upside down and shaking her. Matoi appeared then and saved Mako; the two soldiers also had Senketsu fragments so she took them. There is just one fragment left and the person wielding that fragment is the worst. It is Satsuki and the fragment is around her hand in the form of a glove. Senketsu mentioned that Matoi has gotten very strong and proves his point by saying she is OHKOing Goku Uniforms that have his power flowing through them.

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Sanageyama is about to win when the leader of Osaka threw out some money. the citizenship in Osaka is like his private army filled with greed, they are ready to fight to the death. Sanageyama wasn’t expecting this turn and was caught unawares. Things looked grim until Satsuki descended from her helicopter with her katana drawn as if ready to fight herself.

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