Naruto Shippuden Episode 345 – Obito Loses Rin


English: Naruto: Shippuden

Japanese: ナルト- 疾風伝

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There are two kinds of Zetsu watching Obito in Madara’s lair. One is the kind that we see all the time in the present. The second and newer kind has a swirly face and the personality of Tobi back when he was first introduced in the beginning of Shippuden. His favorite topic of conversation has to do with pooping for while he has more intellect and vocabulary than a real person (Obito) he can’t poop and is fascinated because of this. He grosses Obito out because of the conversations; I find him hilarious.

Obito is almost completely bedridden. He should be dead, but he isn’t. He’s kept alive because of Hashirama’s cells, which the Zetsu clones are made from. The clones tell Obito in a more understandable way what Madara’s trying to do. Since the Moon’s Eye Plan is known to us already for a long time, I won’t bother you with the details again. It is interesting to note that when Obito sleeps, he says Rin’s name like five hundred times and stupid Kakashi he says about four hundred times.

I don’t know how long Obito stayed in this place. The clones were told to watch over Obito and to make his body ready for when he (Madara) needs him. Madara is currently sleeping. Obito is kept here long enough for his hair to grow substantially and for his body to gain quite a bit of muscle. He is also able to jump around and train with more vigor than he’s ever trained before.

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Obito has a fair number of flashbacks during the episode about Rin and Kakashi. Obito shows his ineptitude in every flashback, Kakashi’s brilliance, and Rin’s care. Obito is creepy in a few of them, kissing a picture of Rin, but then getting scared of Kakashi in the picture giving him an evil eye. Obito is head over heels in love with Rin and the flashbacks showed us perfectly why. Rin is a good girl that anyone could fall for.

One day the Zetsu clones learn that Rin and Kakashi are fighting Jonin or ANBU units from the Rain country. They need help now. Obito pushed himself upright and went to the boulder Madara put in place to keep him there. He punched it and his arm literally broke asunder. The swirly face clone told Obito to wear him so that he’ll be stronger. Obito heeds this advice and suddenly he looks a lot like his older self. He punched the boulder again and this time it broke.

Madara woke up. He doesn’t seem bothered by the fact Obito is leaving. Obito has no plans to come back, but Madara knows he will. Obito took one of Madara’s robes and then left. From Zetsu he is kept up to date with the situation regarding Rin and Kakashi. He runs faster. While running he sees images through his Sharingan about the fight Kakashi’s currently in. When Obito arrives on the scene, he finds that Kakashi killed Rin using his chidori jutsu and stabbed her through the heart.

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The three friends were crying as she died. Kakashi and Obito unlocked their Mangenkyou Sharingan at that moment. The Rain shinobi couldn’t believe their eyes that Kakashi would go so far to protect Konoha that he’s willing to kill Rin. Obito lost it as he succombed to anger. He attacked the Rain shinobi and left Kakashi alone. He killed them all easily, way too easily. The moon was brightly looking down upon the scene of death as bloody rain fell from above. Obito is now in hell, he claimed.

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