Silver Spoon S2 Episode 02 – Hachiken Adopts Vice Prez


English: Silver Spoon

Japanese: 銀の匙

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Trash can be a big problem if nobody cleans it up. At this school they have the added problem of dealing with illegal waste dumping on school grounds. This happens quite often, judging from how the teacher reacted in a calm way. While his class was out picking up trash on school grounds, Hachiken made the discovery of the year when he picked up a stray puppy living among the trash.

The girls took the puppy and cleaned him up straightway and fed him. Nobody knows what to do with the puppy because almost everyone present lives in the dorms and they’re not even sure that they’ll be allowed to take care of a puppy. Aikawa chimed in and said that the puppy requires vaccination and other shots, which could easily total 10,000 yen in the first bill and 3,000 more yen annually.

The teachers don’t care if they take in the puppy or not. One teacher took in so many cats that every cat you see on school grounds is a stray he took in. And he argued that the school is filled with animals already, so one or two more animals to feed isn’t a big deal. Another problem arose when nobody actually wanted to deal with the hassle of raising a puppy, so Hachiken said without thinking how troubling it will be to raise a puppy to keep it himself.

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Tokiwa — you know, the stupid guy? — was brilliant. He devised a plan that would help lift the burden of expense from Hachiken’s shoulders by putting on a bamboo collar around the puppy. The bamboo is a container with the words ‘Snack fee’ written on them. People all across the school melted when they saw the puppy and many girls I’m sure put in most of te money the puppy took in. Even Tamako was impressed with Tokiwa, and that takes a lot considering she is the most well-versed with business among his friends.

The next big issue came as time wore on. It happened when Yoshino asked what the puppy’s name was and the equestrian Club advisor said to just call him Vice President’s Dog. People started calling him that, but it was too long that in a matter of a few hours, people starting calling the puppy Vice Prez. Hachiken had his title stolen by his puppy!

Mikage understands a little better where Hachiken’s coming from when he devotes so much time and precious energy caring for other people, even at times when it puts him in a disadvantageous position. Hachiken wasn’t allowed to keep pets back at home because his dad didn’t want one and they would ruin the furniture. He also said that if Hachiken has time to take care of a pet, he has time to study. His dad allowed him to keep beetles for a pet, as long as it was for a science project.

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The dog is untrained. Hachiken felt like his classmates were badmouthing him when Vice Prez peed himself that he vowed to train the puppy. But it is Mikage that knows the most about training dogs because her family owns a few guard dogs for their cattle. They make Vice Prez the guard dog of the Equestrian Club. Hachiken was at his highest when Mikage was praising Vice Prez and at his lowest when she began scolding him.

Hachiken grew up in a terrible world of studying. He blew through several books on dog training in seconds and took every word. He was scaring his roommates with the speed of his studying; they never seen him take studying this seriously before. His hard work paid off in the end when he had Vice Prez submit to him and recognize that Hachiken is his master and owner. In one day, he turned Vice Prez into a very obedient and near perfect puppy. He was in tears crying that his puppy is smarter than Tokiwa.

Their homeroom teacher mentioned something about Freshman War and later one mentioned a festival, but more on that in the next episode. For now the class heads outside where a veterinarian came to the school to check if the cows were in heat for breeding. The teacher in charge thought this would be a good opportunity for a lesson, and that is how the class was shown how to put on a plastic bag over their arm and, sticking their arm into a cow’s anus, prod around to see if the cow is in heat.

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Hachiken was the first to try but sticking his arm into a fake cow’s anus. The vet said that they wouldn’t like it is an amateur was poking around their butts and cows are the same, but the students don’t want amateurs or pros poking around their butts. The class was coming to an end and the vet already left to give shots to Vice Prez. Vice Prez is now terrified of the vet, like peeing himself scared of him.

As the class was leaving the barn, one cow took a crap on the ground and another cow stepped on it, slipped, and was going to crush Komaba. Komaba is the ace pitcher of their baseball team and the hope of everyone to take them to the Koshien. Hachiken thought all of this in less than a second, and then after he made a crazy dive to save Komaba, but he got injured in the process. He torques his body in the wrong way and it snapped. Komaba was safe because his brain and his muscles work as one unlike Hachiken’s.

Hachiken was taken to the vet who gave him something for his back and told him to see a human doctor. The vet played a mean trick on Hachiken by rolling another plastic bag over his arm and told him to bend over. My favorite part of the episode came after this when it was just Komaba, Mikage, and Hachiken together. Hachiken was riding in a wheelbarrow telling Komaba how important he is while he, a human, is less important than livestock. Hachiken’s friends are worried about him, because he has a tendency to devalue himself when he starts caring about other people and animals like Vice Prez and Pork Bowl.

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