Log Horizon Episode 16 – Return of the Goblin King


Japanese: ログ・ホライズン

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/log-horizon

Previous Summaries

The situation is a dire problem. The higher level Adventurers are able to kill the fish warriors with ease, but the problem is simply that there are too many fish warriors storming the beach. Luckily their job isn’t to kill them all, but to stall them so the weaker Adventurers can reach the safe zone. And while Nyanta was flying on his griffon he saw the largest army of goblins ever assembled. The goblins easily have 10,000 in their army, marching through the forest toward a city.

Shiroe was told about the goblins and the fish warriors. While both pressing matters, he decided to focus on the goblin army for now. He pulled off a nice trick using the friend communication system to hold a conference with the heads of the Round Table and told them his theory about the situation. He said the current situation is because of the Goblin King returning.

The Goblin King was an event that took place two times per year. During the event players had one week to find and kill the next Goblin King before his coronation. The Goblin King dropped rare and powerful items, so his return never took place when the game was still a game. It is said that if the Goblin King is crowned king that he will unite all of the goblin tribes and march against cities.

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While everyone was focused on adapting to this new world, it’s logical that every Adventurer forgot about this event. The Goblin King was crowned king and they’re witnessing the awesome power of the goblins united. Shiroe forgot the exact name of the hero knights that showed up every time the world was in a crisis. There are twelve order of knights and the one Shiroe is referring to directly is the Knights of Izumo, Henrietta said. The Adventurers relaxed until Shiroe said that there is no guarantee that they even exist anymore.

The meeting came to an end; it was nice seeing everyone on the same page like this when the heads of the Round Table are spread out all across Japan. The People of the Land are also aware of the Goblin King returning and they’re making plans to deal with that threat on their own without asking the Round Table. That shows trust is still not there  between the two parties.

Shiroe wasn’t acting like his usual self during the meeting. His usual self would tell them a plan to deal with this threat very quickly. I’m sure a lot of heads were expecting this from their strategist, but he wasn’t forthcoming with that information. After closing the meeting, Shiroe confided in those at the castle the truth. He confessed that he has a theory concerning their deaths and memories.

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When all was said and done, Krusty accepted Shiroe’s theory as truth while the guild master guy wasn’t quite so fast to accept the truth. Krusty accepts it because he died twice since the Apocalypse; his guild was trying to level up quickly and his guild died a lot while training. He said that since he died he’s forgotten what his cat looks like and what its name is, but he is certain that he owned a cat back in the real world. It would appear the memories they forget pertain to the old world and that they’re taken at random.

Naotsugu and Nyanta met up with Maria and some high level Adventurers in a forest. Their party wasn’t large by any means and they had Minori’s group of younger Adventurers to think about and protect. When it was getting toward evening Naotsugu saw torches lightening up the mountainside behind them. The torches belong to goblins, but this force is smaller than the one Nyanta saw earlier that day.

That goblin party is a raid party. They’re planning to go to the small port town of Choushi for food and supplies and general fun-killing. The small group is split between those that want to save Choushi and those that want to stay out of it. The goblin raiding party’s path isn’t going toward them at all, so there are a few that want to stay save. Minori, her brother, and Rudy want to protect the town, but Isuzu doesn’t want to. Their last member doesn’t care either way, preferring to stay by Nyanta wherever he goes.

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The stronger Adventurers also have split ideas about what to do, but the deciding factor lies with Naotsugu, Nyanta, and Maria. Minori and her party were given permission to go to Choushi as an advance party to save as many people as possible before the raid hit, but that was a lie Minori told them so that she can fight to save Choushi. Upon arriving though they find a few houses hit by the raid already in smoldering ashes on the ground. Two goblins were hitting a doll on the ground.

Tohya recognized the doll belonging to a small girl who waved at him when they first arrived for the training camp. His blood boiled over and he rushed the goblins, killing them both with Rudy. The older Adventurers were watching their party to make sure they are save and came out only when they made a decision. Adventurers are free to do as they please; that is the number one rule of an Adventurer since the beginning of time.

Every Adventurer must decide for him or herself what they want to do. As for Minori, she has a plan to save Choushi. They ask her what her plan is and Minori says that to save Choushi, they must abandon the idea to protect it at all. Instead she wants them to attack the raid party directly with an ambush. Minori has growth so much in the last few episodes, it’s almost staggering. She would make a fine strategist to replace Shiroe one day.

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