Magi Kingdom of Magic Episode 15 – It Is A Cult!


English: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Synonyms: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 2

Japanese: マギ The kingdom of magic

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Aladdin and Titus saved Marga from the pit of death that the magicians threw her into. After handing her to capable adults — we know these people aren’t her relatives since they’re dead — Titus lost control of his emotions and blew open a hole to let the people free from this life of eternal magoi syphoning. The magicians didn’t approve of what Titus just did now and sentenced everyone in the 5th District to death.

The leader of their group summoned a plant monster that took a bite out of Titus. He would have died if Sphintus wasn’t so talented with healing magic. People were being flung headlong into the pit left and right three or four at a time. Titus looked over at Aladdin and asked him if he came to this country, like he believes, to stop the darkness of this country and why he doesn’t make his stand now by fighting to save these people.

Aladdin was considering Titus and was about to pull out the ruby in his forearm, but suddenly teachers from the academy appeared and stopped this. Aladdin’s original teacher, the woman barbarian, might be the older sister of the magician that threw Marga into the pit. It is by her command that the goi living here are saved and the fighting came to a complete stop. She said it is up to Mogamett to decide what to do.

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Aladdin was taken alone and placed in front of Mogamett with magicians and teachers around him to prevent any escape. Mogamett asked Aladdin if he sneaked into the 5th District, which is a crime punishable with expulsion from the academy. Without hesitation Aladdin said yes. The magician that three Marga into the pit was furious with Aladdin for his lack of repentence and wanted him killed on the spot, but Mogamett turned to him and said that Aladdin still hasn’t fulfilled his Ideology classes and doesn’t know any better. Yet.

Mogamett had dinner with Aladdin in his private chambers that night. During dinner Mogamett asked him how Yamraiha was doing. Aladdin instantly jumped to his feet with his staff at the ready. Mogamett laughed and waved his hand to motion Aladdin down; he wasn’t at all disturbed by the staff. He said that he was like her father figure after her parents died. She was so talented and she always wanted him to read her high level scrolls before bed. Before the dinner came to an end, Mogamett invited Aladdin to his lecture tomorrow in the great hall.

Titus and Sphintus were also allowed to come to the lecture tomorrow. They tell Aladdin that they have permission to visit the 5th District whenever they want now because Titus would moaning how he was going to visit Marga no matter what. And then Mogamett began his lecture by having everyone in the room identify with the feeling of loneliness. He said that the people around you that you love aren’t like you at all. Titus and Aladdin feel this way especially since they’re Magi and a Magi subordinate.

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Mogamett’s lecture is basically story time with preaching on his cult. His story goes back seventy years when he worked for royalty in another country. That country had ten magicians working like dogs. Magicians back then aren’t like magicians today. They had no control over their skill and command spells were virtually nonexistent. So casting a spell took a huge toll on the body. People even died casting the simplest spells through sheer lack of knowledge.

Mogamett had a daughter named Sana and his wife died, she was one of the many that died casting spells. Mogamett was one of the few that actually believed a magician’s purpose in life is to help the goi, the non magicians. He loved getting their praise and a few years go by during which the magicians of the country got better at casting spells. They gained in social rank until they were officially recognized with status almost as high as someone from the royal family.

One day there was a plague that the magicians couldn’t heal. People grew to detest the magicians. A rumor was going around that they caused the plague after an experiment went wrong. Magicians died by the hands of the goi. The source of the plague is never known, at least it wasn’t known in this episode, but the high ranking officials hated the magicians newfound status.

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Many years later when Sana is an adult, there was a war and Sana died protecting the goi army. She died believing her dad’s words half her life ago. He went to a banquet after the war and stood amazed as the officials feasted like pigs and made crude conversation about how magicians make good shields. That was when Mogamett lost all respect for the goi and believed that magicians deserve their own country.

Mogamett asked Aladdin and his friends what they saw in the 5th District and they tell the group how bad it really is, but Mogamett spoke up and replied, saying that the goi live a life full of lust. They’re literally having sex out in the streets and drink booze all day. They’re savage beings driven by mad lust to conquer. He points to the nations around the world and how none of them are magicians. Goi are savages that only bring hate and kill others for petty dominance.

Mogamett said that a Magician is different. A magician doesn’t crave power, food, dominance, and so forth. They crave only one thing and that thing is knowledge and getting knowledge. Mogamett is talking to his audience like a preacher standing in front of the congregation believing that no one will go against what he says because it makes perfect sense to him. I find it pretty ironic though how he claims the goi are this and that when he wants his own nation for the same purpose, presumably.

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