Nisekoi Episode 02 – First Fake Date


Synonyms: Nisekoi: False Love

Japanese: ニセコイ

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Ichijou is the son of a local yakuza leader and his group of strong men with sharp weapons adores Ichijou like he is their son. Chitoge is the daughter of a gang from overseas called Beehive. There was going to be war between Beehive and Ichijou’s dad’s yakuza group, except that the two groups found out that Ichijou and Chitoge are dating so there isn’t going to be a war anymore. The problem is, they aren’t going out for real.

This is a hilarious situation that the happy couple found themselves in. Ichijou has a girl that he loves, but it isn’t Chitoge; it’s another girl who is called Onodera. Chitoge doesn’t have anyone that she loves, but is a tsundere and you know how if they fall in love with someone, that love is pure as white snow fall. This is where the story picks back up in episode two.

Claude is the couple’s biggest problem yet. He is like Chitoge’s second father figure and he loves her like his own daughter, maybe more because he wouldn’t force his daughter into this precarious situation. He has a suspicious that they’re not really going out and he is dead set to prove that they aren’t going out. To achieve this end he brought Chitoge over to Ichijou’s house early in the morning for a date and he knows Ichijou can’t back down because then he will have the proof he needs to restart the war.

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The date is ridiculous. The couple feels burdened by the fact they’re being tailed by everyone in the yakuza and by Claude, who stood suspiciously next to an anti-stalking poster. Neither Ichijou or Chitoge have been on a date before so this is a new experience for the both of them. To be sure, Ichijou daydreams a lot about going on dates with Onodera and he uses his fantasies for ideas for his real date.

His ideas don’t go over that well with Chotoge. She complained about over-priced coffee and the stale meat at one restaurant (while ordering seconds) and her movie tastes would be great for two guys hanging out, but her tastes aren’t suited for dating material. She wanted to go to an action-filled robot movie, but Ichijou wanted to see a tear jerker movie. Halfway through the movie, she was found fast asleep and for the first time ever, Ichijou realized how stunning she looked.

The date is a disaster so far. After the movie Chitoge told Ichijou to get her something to drink and he left like an obedient dog. While he was gone a group of guys began hitting on Chitoge. They thought she couldn’t understand them because she is half-japanese. She was getting fed up with them and was about to punch them when Ichijou stepped between her and the guys and apologized on her behalf, saying that she can’t understand them. He then took her by the hand and went into a nearby park.

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Chitoge was mad at Ichijou for saving those guys, but he isn’t on their side or Chitoge’s side. He merely didn’t want her to lower herself to their level by attacking them, even if they deserved it. That shows that he accepts she is on a pedestal in his mind already. She left after being scolded to go to the bathroom. After she left Ichijou spoke into his hands that he would rather be on a date with Onodera. He said that in front of Onodera.

Onodera saw Ichijou sitting alone in the park and was going to surprise him when he suddenly called her name. That caught her by surprise of course and she asked about why he said her name. While the two of them were talking, Chitoge came out of the bathroom only to hear a few yakuza members wondering why Chitoge and Ichijou aren’t acting lovey-dovey. The fake couple were acting lovey-dovey when they first took up the lie, so both gangs are beginning to wonder if something is wrong.

Chitoge started sweating and went back to Ichijou determined to prove their lovey-doviness to the gangs. The problem here is that she called Ichijou Darling in front of Onodera. They couldn’t back down now, not when the two gangs and Claude were watching. Chitoge gritted her teeth and continued the charade, but Ichijou is so desperate right now to make sure that Onodera knows he isn’t Chitoge’s boyfriend. This ended with Chitoge getting fed up with him and stormed off before she whacked him across the face.

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Despite Ichijou denying everything just now, Onodera remains convinced that her secret love and Chitoge are going out. She tells him that it isn’t good that he is so embarrassed just now because she feels bad for Chitoge. She was about to leave when Ichijou remembered his locket. He pulled it out because he is concerned that Onodera knows more about it than she’s letting on. He asked her if she saw this before yesterday and she said no. Of course the real answer is yes, but that is the kind of girl she is.

Ichijou caught up with Chitoge a bit later in the evening toward nighttime. He bought some snacks and handed a bag of them to her. He said he bought them from a different shop from normal, but he guarantees the taste is good. It just so happens the sweet bean snack is something she hates. We learn indirectly that the shop Ichijou normally buys his sweets from is Onodera’s house. We see her arriving back home and walking through the store part of her house to get to her room where she pulled out the key to Ichijou’s locket.

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