Noragami Episode 03 – Suicide and Regalia


Japanese: ノラガミ

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Before I get started, let me say that Witch Craft Works is dropped because I wasn’t enjoying it. Yuki’s finding it strangely difficult living as a god’s Regalia. The reason for this is that Yato is just so poor that he’s always hungry, cold, and left sleeping in other gods’ shrines without permission like some kind of sneak thief. He was offered to wear a certain jacket with a girly print on the back to stave off the cold, but he flat out refused to wear it for his masculinity’s sake.

Yato is almost guaranteed a meal whenever he meets up with Hiyori, so one day Yato and Yuki mooched off of her. This scene had a surprising aspect to teach us regarding Yato and those from the Far Shore. People can see them, but it’s like there is a perception filter placed around them. People don’t notice them at first and easily forget them. It’s like being around someone you love, but they’re in love with someone else and they never notice you.

After they ate their way through Hiyori’s money, Yuki and she stepped outside while Yato remained inside on some business getting candy. Hiyori told him that Yato’s fulfilling a job that she has. He asked her what kind of job and she told him that she sometimes loses her body. Best line in the episode came next, “Sucks to be you.”

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Yuki and Hiyori were standing close to each other, close enough for Yuki to see her collarbone and some skin leading down her chest. As Yato came out of the restaurant his entire body shook as if jolted by electricity and he yelled at Yuki. He shouted that Regalia and their god owners are connected mind and body so he knows exactly when Yuki thinks dirty thoughts and he doesn’t like it. Hiyori either is completely ignorant of a male’s fantasy powers, or she was kind enough to play stupid for Yuki’s sake.

Yato got a call on his cell phone for another job. He and Yuki teleported away before she could ask him about her job. She made a daring jump and grabbed onto them as they teleported away. Her body fell to the ground and it was fast asleep. Yato was chalk white on the other side of the teleportation while staring at her. Yuki was also surprised that she came, but he was more surprised that she now had a purple tail. I wonder what ever became of her body for the rest of the episode.

The place they teleported to was another god’s shrine, the learning god Tenjin. Tenjin played a mean joke on Yato, pretending that he’s under attack before revealing himself. Hiyori and Yuki both prostrated themselves before Tenjin because he has the aura of a real god and the style of glory. In comparison with Yato, Tenjin feels sorry for Yuki. Tenjin I feel loves his harem of shrine maidens. I can’t blame him as I love shrine maidens also.

035 051 058

Tenjin is so busy lately because of exams, he has so many students praying to him for success. He is the one with a job for Yato and he essentially bribed Yato into doing it. Hiyori found out that there is a difference in power and money status even for gods. Tenjin transformed his smoke pipe which turned into another shrine maiden named Mayu. Yato recognized her instantly as Tomone, his previous Regalia back at the start of episode one where she quit on him.

It is like watching a divorced couple attacking one another the way these two go at it. It fits the metaphor perfectly because Tomone, or Mayu as I’ll call her henceforth, left Yato because she was displeased with the way she was being handled and ran off to another man. This man is suspicious-looking with a harem already and she became his smoke pipe. Mayu said that she prefers partnering with anyone besides Yato.

The job Tenjin has for Yato is a curious case. Someone wrote on a prayer tablet for success trying to get into college because his two friends killed themselves trying to get into it. Mayu took Yato, Yuki, and Hiyori to the suicide spot, which is a railroad crossing. Yato uncharacteristically refused to do the job and said that if a person wants to kill themselves, then they should just do that.

068 070 081

Railroad crossings are extremely dangerous for humans, gods have found out. They placed a barrier around these crossings to minimize suicidal impulses, but strong Ayakashi latched onto a person already can cross into the barrier and there infect a person’s mind to commit suicide. Storms also bring extremely strong Ayakashi to these locations, the dinosaur-sized Ayakashi that we saw from the previous episode is an example of a few.

Hiyori took the job into her own hands and went to the train station alone to kick some ayakashi butt. She kicked one clean off a man’s shoulders as he tempted the man to commit suicide. The ayakashi in the station all turned to look at Hiyori and knew instantly that she was like them, but not like them. They overpowered her and tied her down and threw her in the path of an oncoming train. Yato saved her; Yuki was in his sword form. Together they cut her free. Yato had to scold her and remind her that she will die if her tail is severed.

As the train approached the railroad crossing in question, they saw the guy that submitted the prayer standing there. He just failed his practical exam and the ayakashi was like the pied piper whispering into his ears to step on the tracks and wait for death’s fastly approaching embrace. Yato acted quickly and swung Yuki. The ayakashi was killed, but the landscape around them also was cut.

092 098 104

Yato had Yuki transform back into his human form, Yukine, because his cut is too powerful. The boy’s life was saved and Mayu gave Yato a sweet smile before walking back to Tenjin’s shrine. Yato told Hiyori that Regalia aren’t people that committed suicide and he can’t stand looking at someone that wants to die when he’s surrounded by dead people that only want to live. After realizing this, Hiyori cried for the Regalia’s sake. Yuki looked at her and his heart skipped a beat. Yato felt another jolt and yelled at Yuki.

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