Wizard Barristers Episode 02 – Kohinata’s Trial and No Face


Japanese: ウィザード・バリスターズ〜弁魔士セシル

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/wizard-barristers

Previous Episode Summaries

Cecil and another barrister (lawyer) were bailed out from jail in the beginning of the episode by Chouno, their boss. He’s going to deduct all 30,000 yen from their paychecks this month as punishment for their transgression. Cecil cares, but her co-worker doesn’t. They went for breakfast somewhere where Cecil’s co-worker poured on heaps of ketchup and mayonnaise on her food. Cecil was soundly grossed out by her coworker, enough that I doubt she wants to eat with her again.

Resuming Kohinata’s trial from the previous episode, Cecil gathered her courage together to face her first ever preliminary hearing with the judge and prosecutors. She went with Ageha for moral support and had to sit there listening to the prosecutors accusing Kohinata of murder. For this they want the death penalty. Cecil made her case for self-defense, but first she had to get passed the judge’s fanatic look at her battle outfit, calling it a cosplay costume.

The trial is going forward as planned. The preliminary hearing was just to get out of the way each sides’ arguments going into the trial as well as any other mundane things that need to get done. Going with a self-defense argument is a tough challenge in this situation because the burden of proof lies on Cecil and not the prosecution. The prosecution’s argument is simple and relies heavily on circumstantial evidence that proves their theory unless Cecil can find the smoking gun in this case.

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Cecil and Ageha tried going to the police, because Cecil had an idea that finding the No Face gang responsible for the robbery would be the ticket she needs for victory in the case. But the police were not going to give her any information regarding the crime, since they’re siding with the prosecution in every case. That night Ageha pulled off an illegal stunt with another worker from the same agency. He’s an older guy with illusion magic. He transformed both himself and Ageha into the police characters to find out if anything can be learned from the case.

The stupid stunt worked and the following morning Ageha took Cecil away from the office even though she was getting ready to leave for Kohinata’s trial. She will have to miss it and another barrister took her place during the trial. Ageha took Cecil to the port. She found out about this place because the paint found on the metal used by the No Face gang is imported from China. And not many places use this specialty paint so it was easy narrowing down the options.

Upon arriving, they were found, tied up, and thrown into a cargo container. Ageha is not a wizard and as such she can do magic. But she’s also a woman of many tricks and had a blade hidden in her shoes that she used to severe the ropes binding her and Cecil. Ageha also knows all about Cecil’s past and her reason for becoming a barrister and the reason is that she wants a retrial for her mom, who is sentenced to death.

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After the two escaped, Ageha called the agency for back up and everyone still there came to their aid. They came after No Face found that their prisoners escaped and after Cecil summoned her metal diabold robot to fight against No Face’s metal dragon. Earlier in the episode, their dragon was reconstructed on the computer by the agency’s secretary based on videos and eyewitness accounts.

Cecil is talented with her diabold; she would fit in perfectly in a Gundam series as the main character. She overcame No Face’s diabold quite easily, but No Face gained the upper hand when Ageha was taken captive by No Face. That is when the agency arrived with Chouno, Tsunomi, and Hotaru to save the day. I don’t know what Hotaru’s magic is, but Tsunomi’s power looks like it has to do with wind. Chouno’s magic is freakishly cute for someone that looks so creepy. Thanks to them saving Ageha, Cecil was no free to finish her battle with No Face’s diabold moments later. I loved how Cecil and Ageha were telling No Face to let them go and that they’ll represent them in the trial. A smart lawyer never passes up an opportunity to work.

The trial is not going in Kohinata’s way at all. Their key witness, the lady Kohinata saved during the robbery, said when the police questioned her that she doesn’t remember what happened, but now in the trial her story changed completely. She told the truth that he saved her and the reason why she kept quiet before was because she was scared of her boss. The judge took her new story in a different way, saying that it is possible she had a change of heart and compassion for a former co-worker who was bullied. Kohinata was sentenced to death.

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He would have died right there if Cecil didn’t march into the trial with a member of No Face behind her. She had No Face testify that Kohinata is not a member of their gang as the police initially believed. No Face wants nothing more than Kohinata’s carcass on a spit for killing one of their own. After listening to the man, the judge ruled in favor of Cecil. they immediately released Kohinata.

A few things happened after the trial. Ageha and Quinn from the police interacted at a batting cage. Hotaru got mad at Cecil again, as she is prone to do. Cecil had one last conversation with Kohinata. But the thing that I loved the most was when Cecil was leaving her apartment the next day and found a letter from the police in her mailbox. It was a letter telling her about her fine for riding a bike in a no-bike zone.

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