Buddy Complex Episode 03 – Finding Hina


Japanese: バディ・コンプレックス

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Mecha anime always have stupid names for new technology. The history of the world changed about 70 years ago, after the time Aoba was transported into the future people of that time found a miracle energy source called — if you can believe they would call something this stupid — Nectoribium. The world changed overnight. When they once relied on oil, this new energy source swept the world by storm. Greedy men took the reins of this new energy source and began conquering the world with robots called Valiancers.

The Russian-Chinese alliance was eating up the smaller nations around them. To combat this threat, America and other nations formed an alliance, but their power was still too weak to fight against the Zogillia Republic. The American alliance members call themselves the Free Pact Alliance.

Because the FPA was still weaker than the ZR in terms of military might, they couldn’t fight a confrontational war. They devised a plan to create a new technology called the Coupling System. In the infant years of this new technology things were bleak. People were going insane, some died. The project was halted until several years later it started again in secret this time. I don’t know if there was a successful Coupling before Dio and Aoba connected.

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All of this Mayu told Aoba because she felt pity on him that he knew nothing, but he slept through her lecture. Commander Gengo was worried that Aoba would attack Mayu, but Lene reminded him that Mayu is their most skilled in self-defense. She will be fine, but attacking Mayu is furthest away from his mind. It’s like Aoba can only think of two things at once, Dio and Hina.

Mayu took aoba on a tour of the airship and one of their stops was the hanger so show Aoba the Valiancer he piloted the other day. The blue Valiancer which is called Luxon underwent a change. Aoba even knew that it changed and asked why, and Mayu told him that Gengo ordered these changes because he wants Luxon calibrated for Aoba. Dio appeared in the hanger also and he scolded Mayu for bringing a civilian here, but Mayu replied that she is doing this on the commander’s orders.

Suddenly an alarm sounded telling them that the enemy is fast approaching on their position. Dio left to suit up and Mayu left to go back to the bridge. Aoba was left abandoned to find his way back to his own alone. While he was wandering he found himself in another area of the hanger where mechanics were running this way and that. The head mechanic was talking with Gengo on a direct line. Gengo saw Aoba on a small screen and told him to get ready to suit up for the battle outside is not going as they hoped.

011 015 020

Dio and Lee went with another pilot to meet the enemy head on. They are the same people that attacked their secret base when Aoba first came to the future. The purpose of the initial confrontation was a distraction by both sides. For Gengo’s side their objective was to buy time so that their airship could dive beneath the ocean. Bizon’s objective was to let them do that.

At the last moment before the dive, a particle beam of pure Nectar energy was fired from behind and slammed into the airship. They narrowly avoided being hit in a crucial spot. These kinds of weapons are found only on giant airships like Gengo’s. This is the first known instance of a Nectar rifle beam thing being mounted on a Valiancer. The pilot of the particle beam is Alfried Gallant and he is the ace pilot of the ZR.

Alfried fired again and then was forced to retreat so that his rifle could recharge. Dio chased after Alfried to kill him while he’s defenseless. Lee and the other pilot resumed battle with Bizon and his two lackeys. But as Dio was led further away from his airship he found that it was a trap laid by Alfried to get him alone to kill him and/or capture his new Coupling technology. There was a new pilot waiting in the clouds for Alfried to pass by before attacking Dio by surprise.

027 040 054

Gengo had Aoba get ready without telling anyone in the bridge about it until he was ready to launch. And he launched. Dio was frustrated that he’s forced to Couple with him again, but he put up less of a fight this time. Dio escaped from the new pilot and Alfried and made his way toward Aoba. They connected and the Coupling was a huge success. Dio went back to his fight with Alfried and Aoba went to fight the new pilot in Dio’s place.

Alfried has his machine run a quick check over the new specs of Dio’s Coupled Valiancer and knew it was much faster and had better maneuverability. But he didn’t think it was enough to dodge two particle beam attacks. He was wrong and now he was in trouble. Dio was going to kill him, that he knew, but at the crucial moment when Dio was about to deal the final blow, one of Bizon’s lackeys attacked him from behind. He died. Alfried tried to tell him not to attack Dio, but his voice didn’t reach him in time. Alfried was mad at Dio for not attacking the cockpit directly; this would have given that pilot a quick and painless death.

Aoba was left fighting the new pilot and it was a very skilled pilot. But Aoba has increased potential by double while Coupled and he shares Dio’s experience of piloting. He and Dio right now are unmatched in battle. The skilled pilot lost when Aoba used his saber and cut into the enemy Valiancer. He just missed the pilot, but he hit the cockpit. Aoba was going to deal the finishing blow when he saw the pilot and his blood ran cold. He shouted Hina.

070 084 088

It was like the battle stopped. Aoba forcibly severed the connection with Dio. Dio suffered intense pain when the Coupling ceased. Alfried knew he was lucky and retreated with his forces. Aoba exited his Luxon to get to Hina. Hina doesn’t recognize him however; I assume the version he met of her is later down the timeline. She fired a gun at him and just missed a headshot. He went back into the cockpit as Hina was picked up by one of her friends as they went back to ZR. Dio didn’t even look mad at Aoba at the end of the episode; he is more concerned that Aoba found Hina.

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