The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 03 – The Wind Revolution


Synonyms: Love Song of a Certain Pilot

Japanese: とある飛空士への恋歌

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It is well known in the commoner class that there’s something going on between Carl who they still call Kal-El and Claire, but they don’t know what exactly. It’s obvious that they’re craving for more juicy details. Even Ariel is curious and she shows no signs of jealousy so my previous theory that she loves Carl is so far disproven. Claire enjoyed her first curry meal amid a group of gaggling fools and friends. It is a fun time until Axis, who makes his own dinner, walked in and saw Carl and Claire and walked back out.

Ariel is Axis’ flying partner and she doesn’t like it. Axis isn’t a very good pilot and he shows no interest in shooting a rifle. They wonder why he decided to join the piloting school in the first place with such an obvious lack of motivation. Claire had to leave the dinner fun because of her curfew. Carl offered to walk her back home, but she refused and he didn’t press the matter. After she left, every one of his friends looked over to him and asked if he’s sure that he doesn’t need to escort her. He is saved from further embarrassment by the appearance of the dorm manager eating a large helping of Ariel’s curry.

The leader of the school, a military man, wants the students trained for actual combat. The students have had less than a month’s worth of training and are exhausted everyday, but he wants to increase their training output. The reason for this is that he expects real combat when they reach the Holy Spring or as they near it. The students as they are now will die if they were to enter combat. For now the leader wants them trained in rifle shooting and formations. Many students lack the basics for formations, so this will be fun to watch.

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True to my prediction, Claire and Carl were flying around a balloon pretending to be an enemy. This time Claire is piloting so Carl took a turn with the rifle. He missed every bullet until Claire helped him by giving him advice on how to steady his hold on the rifle before shooting. It worked, but he is depressed he wasted every other bullet. He feels less of a man for this in front of her.

After the day’s training concluded, the students went back to the hangar where they were met by Fausto. He is the jerk from the previous episode and he is continually lusting after Claire. He made the same proposition that Carl made to her in the previous episode, but she didn’t go with him to be his partner. There is an obvious example of social hierarchy displayed in this scene when Fautso ignored Noriaki like the dirt beneath his feet.

Fausto is the son of the leader of the knights on Isle. This line of conversation reminded Nanako of a curious rumor she heard in time. She heard that the former crown prince of the Ballesteros Empire sneaked onto Isle to exact revenge on Nina Viento, a wind priestess. Carl and Ariel and Axis know the truth about Carl. Carl spoke up and said that the crown prince died during the revolution, everyone knows that. By his side Ariel quietly agreed with him. Claire took note of Carl’s and Ariel’s reaction, but she didn’t say anything about it.

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Following this was a flashback of the Wind Revolution that changed the Empire to a Republic literally overnight. Nina Viento was a young girl about Carl’s age when she called upon the wind to create four tornados that forced the royal family’s airship to land. From there they were taken prisoner and placed in front of the common people and Nina Viento. It’s like they went from an Empire to a (fake) Republic with Nina as the head of the Republic. The common people are certainly treating her like a god and forcing the royal family to bow down to her. Nina took one look at Carl’s eyes and knew she was marked for death. Axis was in the crowd of people gathered and his hate could be seen ten miles away. I don’t know if his hate is for Carl or Nina.

Carl’s dad was killed with a guillotine the same day of the revolution, but Carl and his mom were kept in a prison for a short while. On the day that Carl’s mom was sentenced to die (the common people calling her a whore and throwing rocks at her while she sat in a pig cage) she taught Carl how to say ‘I forgive you.’ That is his mom’s last wish. She doesn’t want her son consumed with the idea for hate and revenge; she wants him to live a life in the light through forgiveness. Carl does forgive everyone except for Nina.

The Republic couldn’t kill Carl because he was just a young boy at the time. The records point to the fact that they tried starving Carl to death in the hopes he will simply die. The official records also state that Carl died on the same day that his mom’s head was severed from its body. But we saw the truth. Ariel’s dad had sympathy upon Carl. He told the man in charge of watching Carl to forge his death story while he took him home as his newly adopted son.

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Back in the present Carl is going to pilot today. Claire saw Carl with hate in his eyes as he stared at a picture of Nina on display. She wanted to ask him about it, but she refrained at the last second. Today’s training is a recon exercise. The teacher knows that Carl and Fausto fight a lot so she put them in the same group. While the mission was in progress, Fautso tried to ram into Carl’s plane (with Claire in the back). Carl dodged, but he slipped into the clouds as Fausto, seeing this, looked like he saw a ghost.

Carl was going through a panic-induced adrenaline rush. He couldn’t see if the plane was dipping, if it was turning, or anything. He was in panic mode. Claire’s voice reached him and she advised him to look at his readings to make sure he is on course and not falling. He looked at them, but it’s like he couldn’t see. And then they saw light through a crack in the clouds. They passed through safely, but arrived in a new place. The ocean was all around them and their classmates were nowhere to be seen. Claire couldn’t navigate so they landed. She used the onboard Morse Code machine to call Mayday. The two noticed on the horizon that a terrible storm was quickly approaching.

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