Engaged to the Unidentified Episode 03 – Benio is Creepy


English: Engaged to the Unidentified

Japanese: 未確認で進行形

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/engaged-to-the-unidentified

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Benio is on a new level of creepiness in this episode, but more on that later. Her creepiness runs throughout the episode and culminates near the very end. Mashiro loves western food and she really loves western sweets. During breakfast we find this out as she speeds her way through the meal before the others are even halfway finished.

Today in school is P.E. and we are lucky because Kobeni is shown in ways she wouldn’t normally be shown, but nothing really perverse if you think about it. She just ran and jumped. It was more the way she ran and how cute it was that was so captivating for both me and the boys in her class.

Hakuya is deceptively skilled when it comes to sports, though the reason for this is that the other guys get a sudden chill when they go against him in battle. Mashiro learns that Kobeni is extremely popular among the boys and it is only thanks to Benio keeping them all at bay which prevents them from asking her out. I can’t blame them, she is one of the best ever. Mashiro felt insecure about the marriage now and knows that the whole thing hinges on Kobeni agreeing to it, but she won’t if some other guy steals her while Hakuya sleeps his dreams away.

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She went to her brother and told him to get his act together and told him why. She put the fear of being single for life into him and he finally started acting like Kobeni’s fiance after school that day. Kobeni’s friend went to club practice and Mashiro was lured to the student council by a invitation to drink milk tea and eat cookies. She was handed a letter of invitation by Benio, but she ripped it apart with a smile. Nadeshiko then invited her to the student council is a far less creepy way and she went instantly. This resulted in Kobeni and Hakuya going home together.

Mashiro ate cookies like a squirrel and drank her milk tea and was out of the room in eight and a half minutes. During which Benio recorded her favorite loli little sister in her memory banks for future use. Having Mashiro here is therapy for Benio; after watching her for a bit, Benio went insanely fast through the rest of her work. After Mashiro left, the sandy blonde girl came to the student council and fell into a puddle after imaging Benio with Mashiro. Nadeshiko watched these two and must’ve thought that the student council is destined for doom.

Hakuya and Kobeni went to the supermarket  for ingredients for scones. She promised Mashiro that she’ll make scones tomorrow, which is a day off from school being Sunday. At the supermarket there was a group of vicious housewifes fighting over the meat sales. Kobeni needed to get something from there, but Hakuya manned up and offered to go in himself. He also volunteered to get the rest also. He was on his deathbed after this experience, saying that Kobeni is amazing.

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Kobeni also bought a new rice bowl for Hakuya and Mashiro because they were using the guest bowls until now. Kobeni gave the bowls to them when they got home and Mashiro was ecstatic. She feels like a real member of the family now; Hakuya’s face is indiscernible, but you can bet he feels the same.

Kobeni made the scones and Mashiro was pulled by her nose down to the kitchen the moment the scones were removed from the oven. She ate them with the same gusto she eats curry and salisbury steak with. I think she has one mode for her favorite food, and that mode is to eat as fast as possible and as messy as possible. Hakuya hates sweets, he rarely touches them. But he said earlier that everything Kobeni makes tastes good and he proved this by eating her scones. Her face was flushed crimson after Mashiro told her how he hates scones since she remembered what he said about her cooking.

After scones were finished Kobeni and Benio went outside to do the laundry. Kobeni wouldn’t allow her sister to do the laundry because she knew that Benio would cause her to work twice as hard later. Benio found bear-printed panties that Mashiro wears and went into full loli mode. That girl has good lungs; her yelled for joy the bear-print panties that Mashiro heard her inside while she was writing a letter back home saying that she loves natto now, when she hates that stuff.

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Kobeni gave Mashiro the bad news that Benio knows what size her underwear is now, so Mashiro can look forward to some new underwear in the future whether she needs them, wants them, or hates them. Benio was scolded by Kobeni after she yelled and now she’s in her room crying her eyes out thinking that Kobeni hates her. Of course that isn’t true, in fact Kobeni wasn’t even aware that Benio feels this way.

Kobeni came into Benio’s room to talk about the accident she had long ago and her real relation with Hakuya. She finds it interesting because she knows Benio never allowed her a boyfriend before, but she’s held back now that a fiance appeared and Kobeni wants to know why. Benio decided that she couldn’t help it and told her the truth.

Once long ago Kobeni and Hakuya were playing in the mountains and she fell off a cliff. Hakuya made a daring dive to save her. They were both injured, Hakuya more so, but everyone knows Kobeni would have died if he wasn’t there. Then he dragged his injured body back to the house for help. After Benio finished telling the story, Kobeni felt a chill like death running down her spine. She remembers saying to Hakuya that she doesn’t remember them playing together when they were younger or about the accident. She just remembered that she had an accident. She now feels like the worst person ever.

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Benio is creepy. She periodically has dreams where Mashiro and Kobeni snuggle with her and call her their prince. I feel for Nadeshiko because she is forced to listen to these dreams and everything else Mashiro or Kobeni does. Benio would wake her up in the middle of the night to tell her these things. But the worst example of her creepiness is when she was laying next to Kobeni as she slept and just stared into her face. She woke up, looked at her big sister, and crawled out of bed. This must be a normal circumstance.

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