Nagi no Asukara Episode 16 – Miuna’s Squeaking Boot


English: Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

Synonyms: Nagi no Asu Kara

Japanese: 凪のあすから

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It was impractical that Hikari should not graduate from high school (or middle as the case may be) so he enrolled back to school days after waking up. As chance would have it, he ended back under the same teacher’s guidance, along with Miuna and Sayu in the same class. He loves being technically the oldest person in the class and he made his classmates call him their senior. I love how Sayu still loves to call him octopus when he gets on her nerves, like an affectionate nickname for the Sea People.

The boy who confessed to Miuna two episodes back realized with a pang of jealousy that Miuna is in love with her step-uncle, Hikari. H first noticed it from the way she would stare at him, but his suspicions were confirmed after school of the first day back when Miuna was crimson after touching Hikari — he pulled her to safety from a speeding car whose driver is out of control.

Miuna denied being in a relationship with that boy all the way home and Hikari, loving any chance to tease her, kept up the ruse with a snicker. When they arrived back home, Tsumugu was just leaving after dropping off his old school uniform. He said it was from his last year so it might be big. He doesn’t mind if Hikari can’t fit into it, he just thought it could be useful. Hikari went to school today in his white collar shirt.

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Tsumugu’s old uniform was too big; it was like the clothes were eating him alive. Akari offered to trim the uniform a bit, but Hikari said it is okay. Miuna and Akari were of one mind that he needed a proper school uniform and that night Akari and Itaru talked about it while everyone else went to bed. Akira was promised to go places the next day, but he got sick with rubella and had to be taken to the hospital.

Akari gave Miuna some money to take Hikari to the city so that he can get a new uniform from the tailor. He didn’t want to go, thinking it was a waste of money. Miuna was really self-conscious of the fact she will be alone with her secret crush so she called Sayu to tag along. This was perhaps the worst thing she’s ever done to Sayu in their long history being friends and the worst part of it is, Miuna isn’t aware of what she’s doing to Sayu until Sayu explodes.

Miuna has a boot that squeaks a sound that awfully resembles a fart and Hikari is quite to pick up on that and he used the squeak to tease her throughout the entire episode. Sayu watched them with bitterness in her heart. They weren’t acknowledging that she was there and from her point of view, it was like watching two lovey-dovey kids flirting before they take the plunge and actually start going out. The sight of this was like her heart was caught between a vice and an anvil.

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They arrive in the city and head to the tailor’s shop. Hikari still doesn’t think he needs a uniform. The tailor is excited because he hasn’t made a uniform for a sea dweller in a long time and believes that will all change soon. He was going to make a uniform for his current school, but Hikari yelled out suddenly that he wants one for his own school. This was triggered on impulse from a memory of the first episode where Manaka wore their new school’s uniform instead of definitely wearing their old one.

He changed his mind and said the new one is okay, but Miuna this time spoke out urgently and told the tailor that it must be the the sea uniform. She caught everyone by surprise by this remark. The tailor is going to have a hard time making this particular uniform because the school was shut down and he doesn’t have any in stock to use as an example for Hikari’s new uniform.

Miuna stepped outside for fresh air and Sayu followed shortly after. This is the scene where Sayu exploded in Miuna’s face. Miuna feels betrayed (a little) because she thought Sayu was happy that her crush came back, but now she’s confused. Sayu is happy for Miuna, but she doesn’t want to see them flirting when her crush, Kaname, is still asleep with no idea when or if he’ll wake up. As with most fights, this one spiraled out of control to the point that both girls had tears in their eyes.

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Hikari changed his mind about the uniform while the tailor was measuring him and immediately left. He came out at the end of the argument between Sayu and Miuna. Miuna saw him and left just like that, with tears in her eyes. He called home to say that Miuna left, but Akari doesn’t seem bothered (to be fair she has a really sick kid at home). He was thinking of what to do with Sayu until the next train home when Sayama drove by in those stupid three wheel trucks. I hate those trucks, they look way too unsafe.

With Sayu thrown in the back of the truck, Hikari rode up front with a pervert whose gained too much life experience in five years to make him sound like old man Roshi from DBZ. As they passed by a shipyard that was slated to be demolished, Hikari remembered that Miuna ran away from home once and she went there to cry. He got out and went passed the barrier keeping the public out. He followed Miuna’s tracks and found her in the same spot that she was in five years ago. He had to laugh at how little she’s changed in these five years.

She is scared that she will never be friends with Sayu again after the fight, but Hikari believes otherwise. For one thing, he’s noticed that girls get into fights really easily and just as easily make up. He told her how Manaka and Chisaki used to argue and it usually ended with Chisaki not talking to Manaka and Manaka crying. He doesn’t know how they got back together each time, but he knows Kaname has something to do with it. He offered to take Kaname’s role for Miuna in this situation, but her squeaking boot got the better of him and he just had to laugh.

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Miuna took off her boot that squeaks and threw it at him. She was taking off her other boot when the shipyard broke above them. The crane snapped and crashed in the area between them. The force of the crash knocked Miuna off her balance and she tumbled her way into the ocean. The water is ice cold and she still doesn’t know how to swim. She sank like a rock and cried for Hikari to save her in her mind.

Then she heard a cracking sound and saw salt rising around her. And miraculously she saw Hikari swimming down as fast as he could toward her. She thought that he looked the most handsome she’s ever seen him with the light of the sun glowing through the surface against his back, almost as if the light itself is coming from him like an angel. A moment later Miuna could breath and suddenly she knew how to swim. She gained an Ena and took a quick swim around the bottom of the ocean, taking in all of the sights.

When she and Hikari broke the surface, she was clinging to his body with excitement that she’s finally able to swim and that she has an Ena. She wants to hurry home and tell Akari all about it, but first they must deal with Sayu. Sayu was crying uncontrollably because she found Miuna’s boot and nothing else. She honestly thought her best friend drowned so they dealt with that. The end of the episode was exciting because Kaname woke up from the hibernation, naked he walked up to the cafe owner guy and asked him what day it was.

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