Silver Spoon S2 Episode 03 – Hachiken Learns to Jump Hurdles


English: Silver Spoon

Japanese: 銀の匙

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Between the festival and the Freshman Wars, it’s clear that the equestrian club is more concerned with the festival. Ookawa, their senior looking for a job so that he can slack off for the rest of the school year, wants them to think about the Freshman War. They, and by they I mean Hachiken, tell him to go look for a job already and to stop coming by. This is already a running joke, but it will get ridiculous as time goes by and he still hasn’t found a job when winter comes and he still finds the time to stop by the club.

The equestrian club talked it over and decided that they want to do a sports event by having their horses jump hurdles for a crowd as a way to show off their club. But as it stands now the only people that can jump are Mikage and the club president. It doesn’t take long for the advisor to suggest the club members start learning how to jump, seeing as they all mastered the basics the next logical step is learning to jump over hurdles close to the ground to get a feel for it.

Everyone in the club managed to successfully jump over the hurdles, but Hachiken who is partnered with Maron and they’re unable to jump over the lowest hurdle because everything they got close to it, Maron would stop, turn, and walk away. This happened twice and if this was a real competition then he would have been disqualified. Hachiken has a compulsive tendency to be the best and he feels really conscious when people can do something he can’t. He gained this disorder back in middle school when his classmates passed an exam that he failed. The look in his eye is like “serial killer crazy”.

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He feels that he’ll be able to jump on another horse and Mikage and the teacher both agree with him, but Maron is trying to teach him something about jumping hurdles and Mikage feels that if he switches horses that he won’t learn that lesson. It’s also a lesson that she can’t simply tell him, because it won’t do him any good if he doesn’t learn it on his own. This leads into a fierce argument later that day between Mikage and Hachiken. He wants to take Maron out for extra practice, but she became frustrated with him when he was only thinking about improving his skill and not thinking about the horse’s well-being at all.

As the pair left the club room that evening, Mikage asked Hachiken if he is free this Sunday and if he is, would he like to come along with her somewhere. You know he jumped at the opportunity to go on what he believes is a date with her so that Sunday the pair met Mikage’s dad and went to a horse jumping competition. This competition is so lax that Mikage wasn’t going to enter, but they decided to let her ride on the fly. There’s also a pony from Hokkaido in the competition. Mikage took her turn and was penalized four times for knocking down the hurdles when she jumped, though she had the overall fastest time the hurdle mistakes added to her time considerably.

Hachiken noticed that everyone, including the exceptionally skilled young teenager, all gave thanks to their horses. There is a saying among them that horses do 70% of the work when they jump hurdles. Most people think that the riders control the horse’s every move and that the horse must jump if commanded to. He’s finding out that his initial belief is all wrong because he’s never once told Maron that he’ll trust him, as these riders trust their horses.

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Mikage’s dad knows intuitively that his daughter and Hachiken got into a fight with how she’s behaving. He asked Hachiken about that while she rode in the competition. He also asked him what he thought about her and if they’re dating. Hachiken immediately thinking that he is going to die, said no.  Mr. Mikage then asked if he has feelings for her and no matter how Hachiken thought about it, he thought that he was going to be killed so he replied by saying that what he feels for her doesn’t matter and says he respects her and how she is a good person because she went looking for him when he got lost.

Mr. Mikage took them back to the school, but not before Hachiken found out that Mikage uses her native dialect when she gets heated up in an argument (this is a sensitive subject for her and she’s always trying to hide the fact she has an accent), and he also made the trip home awkward by asking the pair if they made up. After arriving back in school, they find Tokiwa spreading rumors that Hachiken got Mikage pregnant and he went to her house to confess to her parents. Nobody believed him and Hachiken hit him over the side of the head with a pointy plant.

Hachiken was supposed to be on cleaning duty today, but Bepu cleaned up for him and said in exchange Hachiken can clean up for him twice. He realized that living in the dorms you just trust people. This helped a long way with his hurdle jumping problem. When he went to the equestrian club the next day he rode Maron again in order to jump a hurdle. He told Maron that he’ll trust him from now on. Maron snorted and ran forward, but he stopped in front of the hurdles again.

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Suddenly Mikage yelled out for him to stay close to Maron’s back. He was still trying to process what she yelled when Maron leaped into the air, jumping easily over the size of a full grown person and landed gracefully on the other side. Hachiken let go of the reins mid jump because the sight he saw enchanted him so greatly that he forgot where he was and what he was doing. He was in awe of the sight as because of this, he fell from Maron’s back. He’s lucky he wasn’t injured.

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