Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 03 – Magical Devil Girl Sophia


Synonyms: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 2, Chu-2 Byo demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Japanese: 中二病でも恋がしたい!戀

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If it is possible, Rikka’s syndrome got worse between this episode and the previous one and Yuuta has no one to blame but himself for saying those things he said to her about how they have their own unique relationship. This morning Yuuta had a dream most boys in his position will have if they also have an extremely cute girlfriend living with them, but reality is far more damaging than a dream. When he woke up he saw her hanging from his ceiling after she installed grips there so that she can hang like a bat for gravity control.

Rikka wants to awaken the Dark Flame Dragon sleeping within Yuuta. She claims the dragin is the source of his power and they share a soul together. She needs him to awaken the dragon in preparation to fight against a new and powerful enemy. Before class started Rikka took out a shirt she made using one of his shirts with a pentagram drawn on it and a dragon. He thought that it looked really cool, but he also doesn’t want anything to remind him that he had this syndrome. Conflicted he told Rikka that he’ll only wear it if she scores higher than him on the next test.

Somehow she did just that and scored higher than Yuuta on the next test by three points. Both of them failed, but that’s beside the point. Sanae and Rikka also came up with a new costume for him to wear, a magical girl uniform. He did his best fighting against them, but all Kumin had to do was hold up the tests and he knew it was a lost cause. He began changing in front of the girls and this caused both Sanae and Rikka accordingly. I love how Rikka covered her face with her hand, but at the same time peeking through her fingers.

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Yuuta changed into the magical girl uniform and for sheer giggles chanted a transformation incantation, but Nibutani walked into the club room at that moment and smiled. She took out her cell phone, which he took quickly and threw out the window. She yelled at him and then went to get her phone back — I feel for Makoto because he’s sunk pretty low to be Nibutani’s punching bag in every episode. Kumin also wore a magical girl uniform that Sanae made as a prototype.

After the girls came back to the club room they heard a girl’s voice over the intercom challenging an angel to a fight. The teachers wrestled control of the microphone away from the girl and shut down her unauthorized announcement. Rikka then said that she was summoned so she and Sanae went to the PR Room to fight against that girl. They split up after arriving to look for the girl. Rikka found her sitting on top of the shoe lockers.

The girl calls herself a Magical Devil Girl named Sophia. She has a flowing costume even more decked out with the eighth-grader syndrome than Rikka. Her real name is Satone Shichimiya and she came to the school to fight Rikka after connecting her uniform with this school. They launched in battle; I love these battle scenes. I find it interesting that both used similar incantations to enter their fantasy world.

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Yuuta put an end to their battle by calling out Sophia’s real name. She turned, saw him, and called him Hero. Rikka looked devastated. Yuuta escorted her to the teacher’s lounge where he explained how he contacted the syndrome back in middle school. It’s all thanks to her. She is one year older than he is and when he was a freshman in middle school he saw her fighting unknown entities and thought she was really cool. Of course the name Dark Flame Master and everything he did is because of her as well.

Yuuta was told to take her home so he went back to the club room to grab his things. There Sanae, Rikka, and Kumin were doing something with magical girls. A fight was going to start, but Yuuta put his foot down immediately, grabbed his bag, and told Rikka he’s leaving first and that he’ll see her later. After they left Rikka and Kumin were battling. We shouldn’t have seen behind the curtain because Rikka was guiding Kumin through the battle. It was hilarious watching her fall after a most devastating explanation of Rikka’s attack.

Nibutani was watching the whole thing and told them that magical girls are supposed to use magic to help people and not start fights. The three girls sat down in front of Nibutani and began taking notes. Maybe Sanae is going to accept that Nibutani is the real Mori Summer. On the way home Kumin told Nibutani about Sophia. Nibutani grew excited as she whetted her tongue with a possible ex-girlfriend appearing and a love triangle in her midst. Kumin doesn’t believe it will come to that, but she wouldn’t explain why.

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Imagine Yuuta’s surprise when he found out that Sohpia loves in the apartment above his, in Rikka’s old apartment. Her bedroom was Rikka’s old bedroom. He already told her that he quit being the Dark Flame Master and she took the news pretty badly in hindsight. Her parents weren’t home so she’ll be eating dinner with him, Kuzuha, and Rikka. Sophia and Kuzuha reunited after three years being apart and Rikka was going to start another fight after coming home, but Yuuta karate chopped her on the head and then he did the same to Sophia.

Dinner was a love battle between Sophia and Rikka for Yuuta. On the outside it would look like Sophia is happy for Yuuta and Rikka when she learns that they’re dating, but she also wiggles her way between them by nuzzling Yuuta’s nose with her own. KyoAni is so good at making fake kissing scenes look so cute! Sophia left after dinner and Yuuta followed to tell her to stop nuzzling his nose. She asked why, saying that they always used to. I should say the reason is obvious, especially since she knows that they’re dating.

They chat for a bit outside about nothing important until Yuuta said bye and went to go inside. Sophia didn’t say bye back and he remembered that she never said it when she transferred away. That’s right, she said. If she said bye then, it would feel like they would never see each other again, hinting at possible love points she has for him. (Sorry I’m in a TWGOK mood right now). Rikka cut the rope hanging down from Sophia’s room. Yuuta apologized to Rikka and as proof made a new contract saying he’ll not get close to any girl except his girlfriend. They sealed the contract by nuzzling noses.

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