KILL la KILL Episode 15 – Mutually Assured Destruction


English: KILL la KILL

Synonyms: KLK

Japanese: キルラキル

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In Osaka, Satsuki stares down Kaneo, the money throwing leader of this school. She doesn’t care that he has the whole population under his control by feeding off of their greed. With a single swipe from her blade, Satsuki overpowered their love for money to fight to the death with a great emotion called fear of dying for nothing. they turned tail and ran like the dogs they are. Kaneo stumbled backward as his arrogance swelled within him and his pride was thrown out of the window momentarily.

He pulled out a gadget and pressed a button and instantly his body was covered by a golden crab robot. He laughed menacingly and shot barrage of golden gourds at Satsuki and Sanageyama that flew like missiles. The two just stood there nonpulsed until a familiar growl issued from the smoke. Gamagoori Ira stood in the midst along with Jakuzure and Inumuta. They’ve finished wrapping up their battles in Kobe and Kyoto and have arrived here to assist Satsuki with their new three star uniforms.

Sanageyama’s new three star uniform dropped from the sky in a metal locker. He went forward and put it on to fight against Kaneo and his golden crab while the other three of Satsuki’s best sat back and made jokes how a monkey is fighting against another monkey. Early on it is hard to tell who had the advantage in the fight, because the golden crab was designed specifically to fight against the goku uniforms, but it becomes clear quickly that Sanageyama’s new uniform is the stronger.

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At one point in the battle and this was the deciding factor Sanageyama got behind Kaneo and was going for the final strike when the crab began pooping out crab paste. The paste is special in that it stick to a person and hardens really fast. Kaneo turned around with the crab’s mouth opening. A blow torch came out and incinerated the crab paste mold of Sanageyama. But somehow he freed himself from the paste.

In order to make it impossible for Kaneo to throw paste on him again, he stabbed the crab’s butthole repeatedly, with each stab driving more pain. Then the crab broke completely and Sanageyama gave him one last stab in his butthole. The scream he yelled then was like the cry of ten maidens. He crawled away naked like a snail. He was stopped by Satsuki. She reveals her plan to him by saying the war she had Inumuta plan was not to conquer these pathetic schools, but to find out the secret group behind the schools that is foolish enough and possible strong enough to go against her dominion.

Matoi came to the field of battle then on her motorcycle with Mako riding behind. It didn’t take long for Satsuki and Matoi to lock themselves in battle. It was an even fight until Satsuki said wisely that a lioness will use her full strength when attacking a rabbit. Thus she transformed to her full strength with Junketsu. Jakuzure wondered why Matoi wasn’t transforming if she had all of Senketsu’s pieces except for one, and Inumuta responded her and said that Life Fibers are delicate when transformed and one piece makes the whole difference between a success and failure.

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At this moment Aikuro arranged for it that Nudist Beach finally mobilizes against Satsuki’s army. He had his best fighter, Tsugumu with the needles, run ahead and protect Matoi. Aikuro got naked or he was already naked and suited up in a strange looking robot that I’ll do my best to ignore. To say it politely, it’s questionable but logical from a group named Nudist Beach. Satsuki’s best were ready with their new uniforms to go fight against Nudist Beach and it was for the opportunity to destroy them that they stood around aimlessly watching Satsuki’s fight against Matoi for.

Matoi had a stroke of brilliance when she fought against Satsuki. She withdrew momentarily to talk with Senketsu. He sat almost completely repaired in her guitar case. Matoi wants to transform, but he’s against that idea. Exposed skin to a Life Fiber is extremely dangerous. He suspects that if they transform then she’ll only have a minute before she dies. That’s more than long enough, she replied and in that instant transformed with her eyes set on Satsuki.

Satsuki commended Matoi for her bravery, calling it stupid. But when they locked swords, Matoi pulled off some cool and dangerous move that enabled her to get in close to Satsuki. With her free hand she reached over and touched Senketsu’s glove and then the glove transferred back to its rightful owner. Satsuki couldn’t believe her eyes that Matoi would fight through the jaws of death to snatch life.

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Their ensuing fight was spectacular. Matoi used every transformation she gained in her fights with the four best. When she transformed into her rocket form, Satsuki jumped onto Jakuzure’s back to resume the fight. They were fighting on the ground, in the air, and on the side of of a skyscraper. Their fight was too much for the building and it toppled over, cut in half. At one point Matoi lost her scissor blade and Satsuki showed off new moves with Junketsu. His eye thing can now shoot out like a harpoon.

Mako took hold of the scissor blade and was going to give it back to Matoi when Ira stood in her way. He told her that he will never show mercy to Satsuki’s enemies, even if that person is Mako. I feel that this shows he has an affectionate side for her like siblings. She puffed her cheeks and gave him a cute, but evil stare back.

Matoi was about to lose. She lost her weapon and Satsuki still had her and had a superior position back on the ground. Senketsu spoke to Matoi in a whisper to trust him if they’re friends. She said okay and went forward to engage again against Satsuki. Senketsu transformed her left arm into a sword while her right hand was cut by Satsuki’s sword. As the blood began to flow, she threw the blood into Satsuki’s eyes and took her sword and directed the blade at its owner.

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The ending of the fight was a draw after Matoi stuck the tip of the blade against Satsuki’s throat as Junketsu shot forth in his harpoon form and pressed against Matoi’s throat. Mutually assured destruction was apparent. She just done the impossible by fighting Satsuki to a draw. Matoi was able to get her to call back her forces in exchange for her life. Ira was yelling at her to accept those terms. Satsuki thought that Matoi was making a mockery of her life because the lives of these lowlifes are equally valued as her single life.

That is Satsuki’s downfall. She agreed to Matoi’s and called everyone in her army to stand down and go back to Honnouji. Satsuki warned her that the same trick won’t work on her twice and the next time they lock in battle with be her last. Matoi replied and said that she is really strong, but that she is alone while she herself fights with th strength of her friends behind her. Jakuzure blew up Nudist Beach’s underground base before coming to the surface. As they left, Aikuro went and stood beside Matoi and asked her to come with him because now he’ll tell her the truth that she’s wanted to know for so long.

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