Log Horizon Episode 17 – A Lazy, Cowardly Princess


Japanese: ログ・ホライズン

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/log-horizon

Previous Summaries

The lords of the castle and cities in the region convened in a secret meeting to talk about the goblin attack. They feel pressured because their precious Knights of Izumo are gone and they don’t know where they are or if they died. People they sent on recon to their known castle came back and reported that it didn’t look like there was a struggle. So it’s like their heroes went poof into thin air and disappeared. I believe that they’re the game testers or creators themselves that played the role of the knights.

The People of the Land are extremely proud individuals. They feel that asking the adventurers to solve this problem shouldn’t even be asked. They blame the whole attack on the Adventurers in the first place, saying that it is their negligence that cause this. Their biggest concern is if they ask the Adventurers for help that they want a lot of money in return, money that they can pay, but don’t want to. Right now their biggest obstacle they must prevent is that the Knights of Izumo are gone, a fact they feel they must keep from the Adventurers.

While the lords were having their secret meeting, the Adventurers were left in a dining room/meeting room area. Shiroe was keeping tabs on the situation regarding the goblins; he learned that Minori helped plan a strategy to attack the goblin raiding party. He feels proud of her, but also great worry. The attacking parties are split into two groups, Naotsugu and his high level comrades, and Minori’s group who is in charge of killing any goblins that wander away from the main raiding party.

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Shiroe, Krusty, and Michitaka talked about the goblin attack from their perspective while the lords spoke in the other room. Shiroe already has a sneaky suspicion that the Knights of Izumo are gone, but as of this moment this thought is still a theory. Their biggest concern is that Adventurers are free to do as they please. Even if they, the core leaders of the Knights of the Round, pledge soldiers to fight the goblins, they can’t force anyone to fight.The problem is compounded by the fact that if an Adventurer dies, they lose their memories. This theory was confirmed last episode by Krusty who went through that experience with his cat from the real world.

The princess Lenessia may be a lazy, cowardly woman, but even she can’t sleep tonight. She was outside at her favorite place where she often times met Krusty during lunch to sleep, she overheard two lords talking about the meeting they just left and how the Knights of Izumo are gone. She also overheard their big fears concerning the Adventurers. She remembered Krusty telling her that Adventurers are free, but being truly free takes conviction and willpower. She then purposed in her heart that she wanted to be free from this life of bland and people always complimenting her for being the daughter of a duke. She wants to be like Krusty, free.

The meeting continued between the lords and the Adventurers. The start of the meeting and for a while into it, there was pointless chatter as both sides tried manuvering around to get the other side to do their bidding without giving away their weaknesses. It got to the point that Michitaka understood what they were saying to mean that Adventurers should be the People of the Lands, specifically the, shields from the goblins and other threats. This bad cop role was given to him by Shiroe before the meeting, but slamming his hand on the table and cracking it was too much, everyone thought.

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The meeting was going no where. In fact Shiroe might have lost his first battle on screen. Both sides hardened their hearts after Michitaka’s outburst and the lords’ reasoning . Shiroe was at a loss for words to manipulate the situion into everyone’s favor when suddenly the doors opened and Lenessia walked into the room. She was quaking in her shoes and shaking from head to her toes, but with a brave tone in her voice said the truth.The truth is so simple a thing to say, but oft times it takes a miracle boost of courage to say.

Lenessia told the Adventurers about the Knights of Izumo missing and every thing else she overheard. She believe that Adventurers are truly free and she knows that they might not come to help even if these three pledge soldiers to fight the goblins. Therefore she said that she will go with Krusty back to Akibahara to ask the Adventurers herself for volunteers. This is a daring plan and Shiroe commended her later in the episode for her courage. He said in his mind that she might possible be the one thing that saves her people and everyone else from destrustion.

Meanwhile, the fight against the goblin raid party is going good. Rudy was given magical to wear that boost his magical strength. Not much is going on over here. Naotsugu gave Minori eye drops that allow her to see at night like a cat. I love how her eyes glow green.

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