Magi Kingdom of Magic Episode 16 – Marga is Kept Alive


English: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Synonyms: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 2

Japanese: マギ The kingdom of magic

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Titus spoke up as soon as Mogamett was finished with his story, by standing up and slamming his fist on the table before him. He complained loudly how there are people dying because their magoi is being sucked out of them right now for the pleasures of a few magicians on the surface. Magomett replied and said that they live happily with no taxes, no natural disasters. They live the perfect live if you ignore the fact they’re being killed.

Other students spoke up and for every accusation against him, Mogamett replied with a tired argument that he’s well-versed in. The students rarely had a chance and by the end of it, he managed to convince many students that what he’s doing is right, that goi are naturally barbaric and deserve death. I love how Mogamett said he isn’t a king, but a director of the school, but he won’t decline becoming a king if  the population asks him to become one. We all know they will because they’re too scared of him.

That night the students gathered in a circle to talk about their circumstances and what they believe about a nation governed by magicians. A few students talk about being persecuted and hated by their families in areas where magicians aren’t well known. Sphintus explained how his family works for the royal family, but it’s life exactly described in Mogamett’s story. There were only two that stood out against Mogamett’s position, Aladdin and Titus and Titus’ resolve was crumbling because Mogamett told titus that his desire to save Marga was entirely selfish because Titus doesn’t want to save any of the other children.

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Mogamett gave every student permission to go into the 5th level district that attended his lecture. He came up to Titus and Aladdin personally to tell Titus that he’s allowed to bring Marga out of the 5th level district and bring her here to live in a house on the surface with Titus. Mogamett gains Titus’ trust by revealing he knows how Titus is connected to Scheherazade; though he doesn’t know if Scheherazade is a legendary magi or not. He respects Scheherazade and Yamraiha, but he wants them to be safe. He believes that both girls will die putting up a shield for their countries. Mogamett truly does care for magicians far and wide, Aladdin realizes.

Everyone went down into the 5th level district to Marga’s house. There Mogamett picked her up and handed her to Titus. He hesitated before accepting her, because he’s still racked by guilt that he might only be taking her for his own selfish reasons. Aladdin saw the situation differently, especially after another kid Marga’s age asked Mogamett to go outside and Mogamett kicked him in the chest. Aladdin realized that he doesn’t see goi as people at all, but as pets and cattle. Maybe even bugs to step on. He talks about Titus’ interest in Marga curiously like a person wanting a cat from the pet store.

Aladdin and two other students were the only ones taking Irene’s class. She has an obsession with Mogamett; his pictures are everywhere in her classroom and she resents Aladdin utterly to his core for simply having tea with him. She is like a scientist and took her students into a back room where she showed them black Rukh in a jar. Aladdin was the only one unfazed by this. He saw another jar that had a dark djinn in there, which Irene called an artificial lifeform. She was already wary of Aladdin, Mogamett told all teachers to be careful of him and now she knew why. He began talking about how Magnostadt is connected with a secret group, but Irene feigned ignorance and ended the class then.

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Marga and Titus begin their simple life together. They look like brother and sister and even act like it sometimes with how they act naturally. Both were in awe when a cat when meow, though Titus was in awe two episodes ago. Marga won’t die in a year’s time anymore from her magoi being sucked out, Mogamett is going to great lengths to get Titus as his friend and ally. Marga feels that nothing she does now can repay Titus back for his kindness, so she asked him to wait for her to grow up. Yes this is a strange kind of romance, or maybe I’m the only one misinterpreting her words her and his reaction to her words.

Scheherazade routinely speaks to Titus through the crystal in his arm. She wants a daily update on his progress to find the enemy of the Reim Empire. She learns what Titus knows, but he leaves out still that he knows Aladdin is a Magi and he left out that he’s living with Marga now. Scheherazade found out when she heard Marga’s voice in the background. Scheherazade sighed and had to scold him for doing pointless things again. She had to remind him that he is going to die very soon because the energy keeping him alive is running out. Titus, crying, went to see Mogamett and said that he doesn’t want to die yet while thinking about Marga.

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