Nisekoi Episode 03 – Chitoge’s Notebook of Friends


Synonyms: Nisekoi: False Love

Japanese: ニセコイ

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The first date finished and for better or worse, it was a success. But both Ichijou and Chitoge were subjected to endless hours of questions by both groups hoping for a favorable date press conference. Chitoge in particular had it extra rough; her face was sunken in from strain and stress and from lack of sleep. She is tired, but on the inside rejoicing that today is a school day because finally she can act normal without worrying that her dad’s gang is spying on her every move when around Ichijou. He feels the same way.

But when they arrived at school, it just wasn’t meant to be. Two guys from their class were hanging out and saw them on a date over the weekend. They spread the news like wildfire throughout the class. They didn’t have to worry about Onodera telling everyone, but it got out anyways. They were going to deny everything right then and there, but for some reason Claude was sitting on a tree branch outside their classroom with binoculars looking in, hoping for a chance that Ichijou and Chitoge might slip up so that he can put an end to this fake love.

It sucked, but they had to play along and even pretend that their love is burning hot with passion. Chitoge’s secret admirers were crying in the background asking why she would date someone like him. Shuu is Ichijou’s best friend and he was outwardly jealous that Ichijou got a girlfriend before him, but I honestly doubt he’s jealous for real. Ichijou hoped for a chance to tell Onodera the truth, but now it seems his goal is further than ever before.

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At least during break and after school in the hall, Chitoge and Ichijou can act normal and they both take advantage of this respite. Chitoge disappears after school a lot, telling him to go home without her. He doesn’t know or care where she goes. He’s hoping for a chance to talk with Onodera when suddenly she came out of nowhere and approached him first.

He was going to tell her the truth when he stopped partway and realized that what he was going to say was just as good as confessing his feelings to her. His heart wasn’t ready for a confession and he was sweating bullets as the silence drew on. Onodera remains convinced that Ichijou and Chitoge are going out and while Ichijou doesn’t know why any girl would want to date him, least of all Chitoge, Onodera tells him all the good points he has like his fierce loyalty toward friends. The things she tells him that are good about him aren’t outwardly obvious; he knows that someone would have to watch him for a long time to realize this about him.

Before he had a chance to think about what this might mean, Onodera leaned forward and out fell a key from her bag. The key looks familiar to Ichijou. Then his mind flashes with revelation that this key might be the partner to the locker currently around his neck. Onodera panics big time; it’s her turn to sweat bullets. She first said that key is her house key, but amended that lie and said she took this key by mistake when she wanted her home key. She knew this lie wasn’t going to fly either, so she quickly picked up her key and ran away. Ichijou was left half-convinced. He remembers that she told him that she doesn’t know about his locket, but he can’t shake the thought she was lying to him about her key.

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Claude wouldn’t give up and the pressure put on the fake couple was mounting. Ichijou told Chitoge when they were alone that she should confide in her friends that she trusts to help share the burden. Instead of taking his advice, she blew up in his face. He couldn’t understand it and when to Shuu to ask for advice. He didn’t go into too much detail, coming short of saying he and Chitoge are in a fake relationship, but he tells him the essentials of the problem. Shuu responds in a curious way, saying that he’s never seen Chitoge talk to anyone. He doesn’t believe she has any friends, which explains why she got so mad in the first place.

Ichijou hated it, but he agreed with Shuu about Chitoge. He’s seen her talk with a few girls, but passing by those girls in the hallway he overheard them saying that it’s like Chitoge has a wall around her and that it’s hard to talk to her. After hearing this there was no way that he could ignore it. He went back to the classroom and found Chitoge there writing in a notebook and talking to herself. She was talking about the girls in their class and writing down what they like and what their personality is like. She hopes that she can become real friends with them soon by talking about subjects they are interested in.

He stepped forward and she turned around, blushing and holding her notebook to her chest. She asked if he heard her and he said yes. She was about to hit him, but he stopped her. He knows what she’s going through because he went through the same time. Claude is overprotective, that is very obvious. He always ran a background check on Chitoge’s friends throughout her life and followed them like how he did on her date. This made it impossible for girls in her past to be friends with her.

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Ichijou went through the same thing with his family yakuza members and he even wrote in a similar notebook that she wrote in. He offered to help her with her notebook because he already knows everything a person needs to know about their classmates. She accepted his help in classic tsundere fashion. Then they began talking about their fake relationship and how much it sucks. Unbeknownst to them, Onodera overheard every word they were saying from the hallway. She was too scared to come into the classroom when the fake couple was having a moment together, so she heard something beneficial for her.

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