Noragami Episode 04 – The Longest Fall Ever


Japanese: ノラガミ

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Yato was sleeping when the episode began, a stupid dream about being the biggest god in Japan with great wealth and shrine maidens at his beck and call. He is a poor example of a god and his Regalia, Yuki, feels annoyed by him, so he kicked him down a flight of stairs. When morning came Hiyori brought Yato some food she made in hopes that he’ll finally get around to doing her prayer. He doesn’t mention it or even think about it during the whole episode, so I’m guessing that she’ll find better luck with a different god.

Hiyori scolded Yato for his deviant behavior and his poor behavior toward Yuki. Yato looked at her seriously and then said that he wants to take her to see someone. They went to a new place with a small abode. Yato called out a name, Kofuku. Immediately a girl’s voice answered him and following the voice appeared an extremely cute girl with pink hair. She was nuzzling close to Yato. Yuki and Hiyori couldn’t believe their ears when he said that she is his girlfriend.

A man emerged from the house with a gangster-like face. He attacked Yato and told him to stay away from his girl. Kofuku and this man aren’t in a relationship, though it’s easy to mistake them as husband and wife. Kofuku is a really famous god, one of the seven biggest in Japan. She doesn’t like her formal name too much, so she asked Yuki and Hiyori to call her Kofuku. She has a knack to be annoyingly disrespectful toward people she’s just met, but laughs it off with a cute nickname for said person she disrespected.

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The man is called Daikoku and he is Kofuku’s Regalia. He is also a pedophile, but hates it when people mistake him in his love for children. He claims that his love for them is purely innocent, but Yato and Kofuku talk about him like he is the most dangerous person for Hiyori and Yuki. Apparently age and gender don’t matter for this guy. Kofuku said something about Yato while he was away. She said that she heard some nasty rumors about him, which was how she met him in the first place. Before she could go into more detail, Yato returned after being attacked by Daikoku with a job.

Yato teleported with Hiyori and Yuki to the top of a building where a man was about to commit suicide. Upon arriving they accidentally knocked the man off the building and started started the longest fall ever. Yato explained who he was and his business while the four of them fell. The man committing suicide played along and gave Yato his business card. Then the reason why the man was going to commit suicide began and it all started when he fell in love with a lonely girl with strict parents that wouldn’t even allow her to walk around town, at all.

Strangely the girl in the recollection had Hiyori’s face because the girl and Hiyori both wore the same panties. Then started a strange love between this business man and the high school girl. He was a marginally successful business man until he met the girl. Even when they went on dates there was disaster everywhere. Boulders tried killing them when they went on a date in the mountains. The girl drained his money and his company went bankrupt at the same time. The man lost hope in living and desired to kill himself.

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Yato thought he knew the girl the man was talking about and asked if the girl’s name was Kofuku, and he said yes with surprise. Yato knew it and went on to explain that Kofuku is the god of poverty; she is a magnet for bad luck. And she is way older than the man’s grandma, Yato warned. The only way to solve this man’s problem is by severing his connection with Kofuku. This is harder than creating a bond with someone and only highly skilled Regalia and their gods can successfully severe a bond. Yuki and Yato are a unique pair and they severe the man’s bond with Kofuku moments before gently letting him down on the ground.

Yato was furious with Kofuku, but that was nothing compared to Daikoku when he learned that she sneaked away without him knowing to suck the life out of this poor man. That is why he forbade her from going anywhere. Hiyori asked Kofuku what she was about to say earlier about Yato. She and Daikoku explained that Yato is the god of war and it’s very likely he’s killed people to fulfill requests in his past. He also killed one Regalia already, but he doesn’t pose a serious threat anymore because when you’re a god in his poor state, then you will do any job to stay alive.

Nora used to be Yato’s Regalia. She has a different name that Yato gave her, but he refuses to call her that now. She is really creepy and see-through, like a ghost. Could this creepy girl with a yandere-like attachment to Yato be the Regalia he killed?

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